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1989 Australia Post promotional albums 'Introducing Australia - The Beauty, Wildlife & Heritage of Australia Through Stamps.' Elegantly produced album in fold-out slipcase inc 6 diff MUH Pic sets. A rare limited edition production marketed towards Japanese collectors & contains translation booklet. Excellent condition, retail $400+.AVAILABLE at A$70

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Gibraltar: 1953-83 comp collection in Lighthouse hingeless slipcase album with 1953 Def set to £1 (SG cat £180), 1960 set to £1 (£80) & all other long Def sets, Commems, Pics & M/sheets, plus some 1998-2001 sets & M/S. VF M/MUH. SG cat £560, plus high cost of album. (395)SOLD at A$375

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1d Green SM wmk perf 14 Mint variety collection (13 diff) inc 'neck flaw' (cat $250), 'RA joined' ($200), 'RA retouched', 'run N' ($250), 'run N retouched', 'thin One Penny', 'cnr dot' & 'N-J joined', others. ACSC cat $1255, plus wmk inv prs (2) & vert coil pr. All F-VF M, total ACSC cat $1395. A difficult assembly. (19)AVAILABLE at A$275

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1901 QV 2/- blue on pink, wmk V crown perf 12 x 12½. Superb fresh MUH, pristine original gum. ACSC V120A cat $50 M, plus premium for MUH. SG 395 cat £30 as M, should be at least double, £60 MUH.SOLD at A$50

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1938 Sokol Games Fugner 50h black imperf DIE PROOF in trial colour on medium paper (48x66mm). Superb UN as made. SG385(p), Mi 395(p). Extremely rare, only several made. Exp Karasek AIEP. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1939 20th Anniv M/sheet (size 144 x 163mm). VF fresh MUH. SG MS 395a cat £90, Mi Blk 3 cat €130.AVAILABLE at A$40