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1951 Federation sets. Odd minor rev tone, mostly VF fresh MUH. SG 241-4 cat £190. ACSC cat $330+. (42 sets).SOLD at A$30

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1938 Sokol Games Fugner 50h black imperf DIE PROOF in trial colour on medium paper (48x66mm). Superb UN as made. SG385(p), Mi 395(p). Extremely rare, only several made. Exp Karasek AIEP. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Upper Silesia: 1920-22 Collection on pgs inc 1920 Numeral to 15pf. 1920 Surch inc 5pf/20pf error opt inverted, opt double -1 inverted, opt Double inverted, opt triple. 10pf/20pf inc bisect on piece plus errors opt double, opt double -1 inverted, & opt triple. 50pf/5Mk inc opt inverted. 1920 Pic set to 5Mk. 1921 Plebiscite opt to 75pf. 1922 Surch set. Inter Allied Commission 1920 CIHS h/s Germany to 1Mk plus Weimar set to 30pf (not certs). 1920-22 C.G.H.S' opt Official set to 5Mk inc errors opt double, inverted, double -1 inverted. Also vert opt sets, reading up & down plus errors opt double, opt double reading up & down & diag opts, reading up & down, plus inverted. Also sets with opt vert & horiz inc inverted & double errors. Poland 1920 'SO' opt to 5k. Most F-VF M/U. Mi cat €21,000+ = A$31,000+. Interesting lot. (395).AVAILABLE at A$700

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1939 20th Anniv M/Sheet (144x163mm). VF fresh MUH. SG MS395a cat £90, Mi Blk3 cat €130.AVAILABLE at A$40