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Pakistan: 1948-70s Used collection in album inc 1948-57 pic set to 25R, plus 1949-53 redrawn set. 1949 Jinnah set. 1951 4th Anniv set. 1955 UN 10th Anniv opt set. 1961-63 Pic Def to 5R Officials. 1948-54 service opt Pic set to 10R, plus 1949 opt set to 8a. 1961-63 opt Pic set to 5R, plus redrawn types to 1R. VFU. SG cat £600+. (460)SOLD at A$150

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1932 UPU Madrid Congress Presentation Folder with superb German Eagle embossed cover, then 13 pages all 1925-32 issues still available, inc 1925 Munich Exhib & Rheinland sets, Charity Provincial Arms sets comp 1925-29 (Mi cat €230), 1926-27 Famous Germans set (€100), 1926 Air set to 3Mk (€140), 1927 'I.A.A.' opt set, 1928-32 President comp (€120+), 1928-31 Zeppelin set of 3 (€122), 1930 Zeppelin Sth America set (€660), 1931 Zeppelin Polar Flight set (€2400) & more. Superb fresh M, stamps lightly affixed at TL cnr, couple MUH. SG cat £3156, Mi cat €4050, both for stamps alone. Very rare item in same immaculate condition as 88 years ago! (90) (P)SOLD at A$500

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Sarawak: 1942 violet opt Brooke 1-$1, one of each value inc very rare 3c black, 8c red-brown & 15c orange. VFU/CTO on pieces with 'Kuching 22 8 2605' Japanese cds, somewhat tropicalised with violet opts oxidised to brownish colour. SG J1-2, J4, J6-8, J10, J12-13, J15, J17-21 cat £4055+ & undercatalogued as some are virtually never seen. Extremely rare genuine group especially in used condition (beware of plentiful forgeries & forged covers!). Certificates can be obtained on request. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1950-54 OFFICIAL opt Pictorial 5/-, all 3 shades, plus 10/- blue & charcoal, all horiz setenant bilingual prs, inc 5/- with control no.6925. VF fresh MUH. SG O49-51 cat £405. (4 prs). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300