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Foreign collection in 1940s massive ledger style album (10.5kg) with Angola 1960s Pics (50). Argentina 1930s-50s (160). Austria 1870s-1950s (380) inc 1945 Pics to 5S M. Belgium (340) to 1946 inc Railway Post stamps. Bohemia/Moravia WWII German Occupation (100). China (200) from Dragons/Junks to 1930s/40s opts & surch. Czechoslovakia 1920s-50s (330) inc WWII Occupations & 1920s imperfs. Egypt (110) from 1890s Pyramids to 1940s Pics. Finland (200), France (330), Colonies & Territories (600) with good range of Defs, opts, Pics & topicals. Germany (1400) from late 1800s Eagles to early 1950s Germany inc pre-WWI Germanias, Third Reich era & post-WWII Allied Occupations. Greece (300). Hungary (950) to 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Italy (350) mixed M & U. Japan (140) inc 1948 Postal Week 8Y violet M (cat £140). Luxembourg (190). Manchuria (45) inc WWII Japanese Occup. Mozambique (140). Netherlands (350) inc 1940s-50s Charity sets. Persia (80). Portugal (200). Romania (180) late 1800s onwards. Russia (330) to early 1950s Commems. San Marino Pics (150). Spain (180) inc Colonials. Sweden (110). Switzerland (240) inc 1940s-50s Charity sets. Syria (65). USA (420) from 1870s Presidents to early 1950s Commems. Mentioned countries total 8150 stamps, plus much more from Algeria to Vatican. (10,000)SOLD at A$750