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1913-65 near comp collection in Seven Seas hingeless album with Kangaroos 1st wmk (11) to 2/- with extra 2/- brown, plus 1/- 3rd wmk to fill the gap. 2nd wmk 9d, 2/-, 5/- (ACSC cat $1100), 3rd wmk set of 10 to 5/-. SM wmk (5) to 5/-, CofA (8) to £1, plus both OS opts. KGV (72) with single wmk to 1/4 inc 4d lemon, violet, blue. SM wmk perf 14 set of 8 to 1/4 inc 2d brown, 4 olive. Perf 13½x12½ comp to 1/4 inc 1d green Die II FU & 4½d Die II CTO. CofA wmk set of 8 & all OS opts. Then appears comp to end 1965 inc 1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved. 1928 Kookaburra 3d blue M/Sheet VFU, 1931-32 OS opt set of 6 to 1/- inc Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d CTO (as is!). 1932 Bridge 5/- CTO & all the other 1930s Commem sets inc 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee to 2/-. 1938 Robes sets (2) to £1 slate. 1940 AIF set. 1946 BCOF opt set of 7 to 5/- Robes. 1949 Arms to £2, plus extra 5/- shade. QEII pre-dec comp inc 1959 Pics to Cattle 5/- white paper & 1964 Navigator set of 8 to £2. Mostly F-VFU, sl mixed condition in earlier. ACSC cat $6800. A good solid collection, very little needed for completion. (410) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1963 Cable 2/3 collection with 'Broken Cable' (pos L10/4) & 'Retouch under RA of Australia' (L12/2), lower marginal blk of 16, variety MUH. ACSC 411de cat $100 as loose singles. UL & UR Autotron marginal blks of 8 (ACSC cat $40+ ea) LR & LR 'T' marginal inscription blks of 8, T at right blk with constant flaw 'retouch under RA of Australia' (pos 12/2). Majority fresh MUH, few MLH, odd marginal tones. Total ACSC cat $330. (48 stamps).AVAILABLE at A$50

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2014 Cooking Legends 60c set sheets of 50. VF fresh MUH. SG 4112-16. FV $175 alone. (5 sheets).AVAILABLE at A$130

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Military NSW WWII mail 1940s inc some scarce Field POs incl 024, 074, 150, boxed rubber 375 (type & usage not listed by Proud, on 1942 cover with Newcastle civil censor), 411 & ELC1, Army & Air Force camps incl Mil PO Dubbo card, Kenmore cover (regd with relief cds, open 9 months), a few through civil POs incl two with Battalion h/s, all diff, useful lot. (35 + 3 fronts)AVAILABLE at A$190

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1950 Chinese People's Conference set $50-$500 original printing. VF fresh UN as issued. C2. SG 1408-1411. (4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$160

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Canada: 1936 Hindenburg Zeppelin 2nd North America flight cover franked King 4c & Air 6c (11) -inc on reverse, tied by 'Montreal 18 MY 36' cds. To Germany with b/s of Germany & New York. Sieger 411C cat €500+. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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St Pierre & Miquelon: 1941 Petain & View Vichy issue black Epreuvre de Artiste, blank value tablet, on laid paper, signed by engraver. Superb fresh UN as made. SG V411(p), Yv 210aEPA. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1915 KGV Seahorses 10/- deep blue, DLR printing. Superb U, light cds. SG Spec N70(2). SG 411 cat £1450 inc SG Specified +45% premium for lightly used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$325

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1915 'GRI 3d' opt Kawieng (Deutsche Neuguinea) seriffed registration label no.411. VF fresh MUH. MI 16dII. SG 42 cat £250 for M, should be at least double, £500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300