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Deceased Estate Six, carton 1. Australia 1913-80 mess in hagners & leaves inc 1971 Christmas 7c blks of 25 (3), blks of 7 (4) MUH, Framas & AAT collection inc 1966 Pic sets to $1. British Commonwealth 1890s-1950s collection/accum (100s) in s/book strength in Africa, Caribbean & British Asia. 1981 RW Collection (3) with MUH sets & variety of FDC. Club circuit sheets in big paper bag, World U in loose leaf album. Older style Schaubek hingeless album for USA 1847-1979 (new retail $350) Canada 1950s-60s MUH Pics in European album & finally Thailand 1890s-1980s collection (100s) in Post-Horn s/book. 10 albums in total plus plenty of loose pages!! Few flts, mostly F/VF M/MUH/U. Large carton. (1000s).SOLD at A$250

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1929 covers (sl staining) franked 1928 Charity 5pf, 15pf, 25pf & 50pf IMPERF large format 'proofs' (28x32mm) which are actually cutouts with simulated perfs from PO new issue announcement leaflets that have been accepted for postage! Tied by 'Hamburg 11 2 29' cds. SG 446, 448-50 cat £258, Mi 425, 427-9 cat €195 -both as normal stamps. Amazing usage. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200