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French Colonies: 1859-1907 Classic with good coverage from Alexandria to Vathy inc 1899-1900 Alexandria opt P&C to 1Fr. Dahomey 1899-1905 Tablet to 5Fr. Dedeagatz 1893-1900 opt P&C to 1Fr. Diego Suarez 1890 '15' h/s Commerce 25c. 1890 Pictorial 5c, 15c & 25c. 1891 Figure 5c. 1891 Commerce opt 5c on 20c Djibouti. 1893 DJ opt P&C 5c. 1894-1902 Pictorial to 1Fr. General Colonies 1859-65 Eagle to 80c. 1871-76 Ceres 1c, 5c & 15c. 1877-78 P&C to 75c. 1881-86 Commerce to 1Fr. Guiana 1892-1904 Tablet to 2Fr. Guiana 1892-1900 Tablet to 1Fr. Levant 1885-1901 opt P&C to 4Pi on 1Fr. China 1894-1903 opt P&C 25c on 5, 25c on 10c & 25c on 15c. Sudan 1894-1908 Tablet to 1Fr. Gabon 1886 opt Commerce 25 on 20c. 1888-89 Opt Commerce 25 on 5c. 1889 Postage Due 15c on 5c & 25c on 20c. India 1892-1907 Tablet to 1Fr. Ivory Coast 1892-1900 Tablet to 1Fr. Madagascar 1895 opt P&C to 75c. 1891 Typeset 10c & 25c. New Caledonia from 1881 opt inc 1892 Tablet to 1Fr. Obock 1894-1903 Pictorial to 1Fr. Oceanic Settlements 1892-1907 Tablet to 1Fr. Reunion from 1885-86 'R' opt range inc Emperor, Ceres, P&C & Eagle. St Marie 1894 Tablet to 1Fr. Tunisia 1888 Arms to 75c, plus 'T' on to 5R. 1888-1901 Arms to 5Fr. Vathy 1893-1900 opt P&C to 1Fr. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/U, some mixed. SG cat £7000+ = A$13,000+. (510)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1924-26 KGV 1/- bistre wmk Block Cypher INVERTED. Superb fresh MLH, left marginal. SG Spec N43(1)a. SG427wi cat £120. (P)SOLD at A$60