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Costa Rica & Guanacaste: 1863-92 Classic collection inc 1863-75 Arms set to 1P. 1881-82 Surch 1c on ½c-5c on ½r. 1882 UPU 5c & 10c. 1883 Fernandez set to 40c. 1887 President set. 1889 CORREOS opt 1c & 5c. 1889 President to 10P. 1892 Arms to 10P. Officials 1863 Arms ½r & 2r. 1883-87 Fernandez opt to 40c inc diff types. 1887 President 5c & 10c. 1889 President set to 50c. 1892 Arms set to 50c. Guancaste 1885 Fernandez opt to 40c inc types. 1887 President 5c & 10c. 1889 CORREOS opt 1c & 2c plus 2c vert opt. 1889 President set to 5P inc 10c variety missing 'UA in GUANACASTE'. Also 1c-10c opt in large type. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £1200+ = A$2300+. Seldom seen area. (97)SOLD at A$300

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1968 Christmas 5c error RED OMITTED (text on 3 sides). VF fresh MUH, normal to compare. ACSC 494c cat $3000, SG 431b cat £2500. Very rare, only 11 recorded & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1930-32 Ebert 4pf, 12pf & 80pf ochre plus Hindenburg 6pf, 10pf, 20pf grey being 'specimen' stamps from UPU distribution, with local 'SPECIMEN' h/s (type BEC2a) applied by receiving postal authority. Mostly F-VF UN as were affixed to archive pgs. SG 425(s), 427(s), 430(s), 431(s), 434(s) & 442(s). Mi 435-7(s), 454(s) & 465-6(s). Unique stamps from Bechuanaland Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (6). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200