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Covers: Great Britain postal history 1876-1955 with 1876 Registered cover franked 1d brown, & 2d blue pr tied by 'Wednesbury JU 23 76' cds, to West Bromwich with arrival b/s. 1894 use of Reg Envelope with ½d & 1d pr tied by 'Newcastle on Tyne 25 SP 94' pmk to Germany with arrival b/s. 1947 envelope with KGVI range 3d to 10/- tied by 'Tilford Farnham Surrey 23 AU 47 unusual inverted centre cds. Finally 1955 USA crash cover with 'Damaged In Plane Crash Hollywood SC 12/17/55' 2-line h/s. (4).AVAILABLE at A$60

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1930-32 Ebert 4pf, 12pf & 80pf ochre plus Hindenburg 6pf, 10pf, 20pf grey being 'specimen' stamps from UPU distribution, with local 'SPECIMEN' h/s (type BEC2a) applied by receiving postal authority. Mostly F-VF UN as were affixed to archive pgs. SG 425(s), 427(s), 430(s), 431(s), 434(s) & 442(s). Mi 435-7(s), 454(s) & 465-6(s). Unique stamps from Bechuanaland Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (6). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200