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Solomon Islands: 1907-79 collection in springback album with 1907 Large canoes set to 1/- (minor thins, SG cat £275). 1908 Small Canoes (8) to 5/- M or U. Then mostly FM inc 1935 KGV SJ set. 1939 KGVI Pics to 10/-. 1948 RSW set, 1956 QEII to £1 Arms. 1965 QEII Pics to £1 Canoe & decimal sets inc 1966 opts to $2, 1972 Pics to $5 Bird, 1976 opt set to $5, & 1977 Pics to $5 Bird. Pre-decimals mixed M/U. decimals mostly fresh MUH. SG cat £850 = A$1550. (380)SOLD at A$275

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1891-97 set ½d to 20/- green opt SPECIMEN, type 12, plus set 1d to 20d (½d not made) opt Specimen type 11. Mostly G-VF M, SG D1-10s est cat £425. ACSC ND1-37x/xa cat $1435. Only 1440 of 1st set & 600 of 2nd set made. (19) (P)SOLD at A$325

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1902-11 KEVII set 3p-25R plus all listed shades inc 3p, ½a, 2a, 4a (2), 6a, 8a, 1R, 2R, 3R & 5R. Mostly F-VF M, majority tropicalised gum, 10R & 15R part gum. SG 119-47 cat £4435. Very rare set. (28). (P)SOLD at A$2600

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1942-45 Pictorial & Shah original colours set 5d-10R. VF fresh M, some with adhesions on gum. SG ex 850-74 cat £325. Sc ex 876-900 cat US$435. (15). (P)SOLD at A$200

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2007 First Personalised Stamps collection of 17 diff Tabs plus blank in comp sheets of 20 with vals to 5.35K. Some good Thematics inc Butterflies, Fish, Flowers, Lighthouses, Marine Life & Orchids. Fresh MUH, FV 1435K = A$550.AVAILABLE at A$250

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1856-59 Queen 12c orange, unissued, no wmk, thick white paper, horiz line m/s 'cancel' for specimen. VF fresh UN, 4 margins. SG footnote, normal cat £100, Edifil NEIAM cat €435. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110