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2007 Harbour Bridge $3.90 M/Sheet opt Bangkok Exhib. VF fresh MUH. SG MS2857b cat £120. FV alone $39. Retail $200. (10).AVAILABLE at A$40

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Set ½d - 2d with ½d orange, 1d green, 1½d red, 1½d brown, 2d brown & 2d red Die III. VF fresh MUH. SG 94-99 cat £185 as M, should be at least double £370 MUH. ACSC cat $456. (6 blks).SOLD at A$70

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1930 Zeppelin Sth America flight 2RM, wmk vertical, variety 'moon over Zeppelin'. VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 456a(var). Mi 438YI cat €3000++, plus premium for positional marginal should be +50% = €4500. Very rare variety & almost never seen in such fresh MUH condition. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1931 Polar Flight Zeppelin set 1Mk-4Mk. Superb fresh MLH. Mi 456-58 cat €900, SG 469-71 cat £1100. (3). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set ½d-2½d. VF fresh MUH. SG 453-456 cat £8 for M, should be at least double £16 MUH. (4).AVAILABLE at A$7

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1951 Tourist Issue 24Y light blue blk of 10 with margins & inscription plus 1951 Tourist Issue 8Y olive-green, blk of 12 with margins plus inscription. VF fresh MUH. Sak C199, C200 cat 85,200Y+. SG 607, 608 cat £456+. (3 items).AVAILABLE at A$110

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1925 Science Academy set 3k & 15k, the 3k perf 12½, 15k perf 13½, being 'specimen' stamps from UPU distribution, with local 'COLONIAS' h/s (type PORC 4) applied by Portuguese Ministry for the Colonies. F-VF UN affixed to piece ex archive pgs. SG 456b & 457, Mi 298A & 299E. Unique stamps from Portuguese India Goa Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1927 Alfonso Coronation Anniv Air opt 75c/10c horiz pr, right stamp variety '192' instead of '1927'. VF MLH. SG 456/456(var), Ed 389+389t cat €126+ as singles, plus premium for se-tenant pr.AVAILABLE at A$60