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India: 1854-1902 QV inc 1854-55 QV Lithographed ½a (3 inc pr), 1a (2 dies), 2a & 4a (2 shades). 1855 4a & 8a on blued paper. 1856-64 no wmk to 8a. 1860-65 wmk Elephant to 8a. 1866 Postage opt 6a. 1866-76 East India to 1R. 1882-90 set to 1R. 1891 2½a on 4½a. 1892-97 2½a & 1R. 1895 high val set to 5R. 1900-02 New Colours set. Officials 1866-72 Service (small) opt to 4a. 1866 SERVICE POSTAGE opt Fiscal ½a. 1867-73 SERVICE (large) to 8a. 1874-82 OHMS opt to 8a. 1883-99 OHMS opt to 1R. 1900 New Colours to 2a. All diff. Most G-VF U, some mixed condition. SG cat £3000+ = A$5700+. (86) (P)SOLD at A$375

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Great Britain; 1937-69 collection inc 1932-47 KGVI Sideways wmk 2d orange SG 465a (cat £75) & 2½d ultramarine SG 466a (£75). VFM + others total cat £270. QEII collection with Defs mostly inc 1958-65 wmk mult crowns to 1/6 MUH, G/F U with extras inc sideways wmk MUH, 1958-61 Graphite Line issues inc 2½d carmine inverted wmk SG 591 FU cat £50, 1959 Phosphor/Graphite set of 8, 1962 NPY set on FDC, 1963 Red Cross Phosphor set M, 1968 Christmas inc 9d Used on piece with variety 'missing yellow' (cat £175 MUH), various others, largely F-VF. Total SG cat £1790 = A$3200. (1040)SOLD at A$180

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1906-10 Commonwealth 9d pale brown & blue, LINE PERF 11, perf OS, wmk crown double-lined A, with DOUBLE PERFS at right. Superb U, Bundaberg cds. ACSC Q45Bb(var) cat $1500++, plus premium for double perf error. SG 285(OS) cat £800 as normal & much under- catalogued, perf OS unlisted & should be at least double, £1600+, plus premium for double perf error. Extremely rare perf OS as only several recorded - the only previous example we offered sold for $4660 in our auction 318, while the double perf error is the only recorded & believed unique. 2018 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500