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India: 1854-1930s Collection/accumulation in s/book, inc 1854-55 QV Litho ½a, 1a (U inc shades & types) & 4a (cut square). Also ½a & 1a mint. 1854-55 QV 2a Litho (4 inc shades). 1855 QV 4a & 8a on glazed paper. 1856-65 QV to 8a inc wmks, shades & types. 1866-76 QV vals to 1R. 1882-90 QV vals to 1R plus shades. 1895 QV High vals to 5R. 1902-11 KEVII vals to 2R. 1911-33 KGV vals to 25R. Official 1866 Service opt QV fiscals inc 2a, 4a & 8a. 1860s QV Receipt revenue 1a opt SPECIMEN & various other revenues. 1905-14 CEF & IEF opt range to 1R. Strong selections of India POs abroad, pmks inc Aden 1860s-1900 with QV vals to 5R. KEVII vals to 1R, KGV inc PIES PIES error blk, Burma selection of a variety of towns inc airmail Pondicherry from 1860s-90s QV vals to 2a. Bushfire range of QV & KEVII. Also pmks from Baghdad, Muscat, Bahrain & Bandar Abbas. Then at back there is full reprint sheet on card of 1854 QV 5a of 12 stamps with decorative borders. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, mixed in parts & some doubtful items as expected. SG STC £27,000+ = A$50,000. Unusual & interesting lot.AVAILABLE at A$2500