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1d Green Variety & Blk collection with Single wmk (23) inc Mullett upper plate & Harrison bar plate imprint prs, blk of 4 perf OS variety 'Scratch behind Kangaroo', Dot before 1 flaw in pr with normal lower marginal part imprint blks of 4 (2) & right gutter marginal blk of 4 all with RA joined & Ferns varieties. Plus RA joined single with part imprint. No wmk right marginal blk of 4 & left marginal blk of 6. SM wmk perf 14 left 'gutter' marginal blk of 6 with 'Dot before 1' flaw, plus 2 single, Neck flaw retouched (2, cat $500). RA joined in lower marginal part imprint pr with additional variety 'Broken Crown top', RA retouched in Ash imprint pr. Total ACSC cat $2100 for hinged plus 50% premium for MUH making $3000. LM wmk, No wmk & SM wmk with perfs. Total $3400. All fresh MUH with some very scarce flaws noted. Suit specialist researcher . (67)AVAILABLE at A$400
1972-1997 Decimal MUH/U accumulation sorted in 6 shoeboxes with 7390 used & 115 MUH 1972-79, 8430 U & 160 MUH 1979-84, 5620 U & 50 MUH 1984-87, 6450 U & 30 MUH 1987-90, 7930 U & 26 MUH 1990-94 & 4700 U & 21 MUH 1994-97. A total of 400 MUH stamps (unknown FV) & 40,700 used with an ASC cat value of over $23,000. Plenty to sort through here! All in a large carton. (40,000+)SOLD at A$450

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1856-1970s MUH World inc Bremen 1856-63 Arms 5Sgr imperf. Baden 1860-62 Arms 6Kr. Portugal 1867-70 Embossed 5R curved labels, plus 1870-84 Embossed 5R straight labels. 1924 400th Anniv set to 20E. 1933 Surch vals to 40c/4E50. St Pierre & Miquelon 1941-42 France Libre opt 50c, 75c & 1F25, plus 3Fr/2Fr Postage Due. Tuva 1926 Wheel of Eternity set. Central Lithuania 1920-22. Sweden 1910-19 Officials to 50o. Greenland 1915-37 Parcel Post 10o & 70o. German Occup of Montenegro 1944 Opt King & Pictorial range to 4D. Turkey 1950-55 Ataturk vals to 250K. Liechtenstein 1917-60s. V-VF most fresh, 90%+ MUH. SG cat £3700+ = A$7250+. (470)AVAILABLE at A$500

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British Commonwealth: Big carton lot with Christmas Island 1958 QEII Defs set. Papua (34) with Lakatoi (20) to 1/3 M inc 4d black & brown horiz pr, 1935 KGV SJ set & 1938 Airmail set to 1/6 all F-VF M, plus 1938 Declaration set VFU. PNG (175) inc Fisherman U, £1 QEII opt SPECIMEN MUH, 1960 Postal Charges opts & Postage Dues set to 3/- plus 1962-77 Pic/Commem sets MUH (40). GB 1960s unsorted commem sets MUH in packet. Cook/Pitcairn Islands 1960s-70s Pic/Commem collections, plus Norfolk Island 1960 Defs to 10/- Bird. Australian Terr accum (470) in 65 Vario pages inc Norfolk Is 1947 Ball Bay to 2/- M & U, Christmas Is & Cocos Pics/Commems in quantity. PNG massive accumulation (1000s) 1952-76 in thick stock album with approx 200 Pic/Commem sets, MUH/CTO, plus huge quantity of Pre-decimals to 5/-, even more Decimals to $1 Shell. British Commonwealth mess in another Springback s/book inc GB 1934 Seahorses 10/- F-VFU (5, cat £400), Egypt Post Millennium New Issues in glassines, France inc high value Airmails, & Italian 1930s African Colonies inc opts. Newfoundland array (200) to late 1930s s/book, plus 8 other s/books with misc Asia inc Sarawak, Australia, British Africa, Fiji, GB Pics (many 100s), Germany, Iraq, Malta, Russia & Scandinavia with lots of pickings throughout. Large moving carton. (many 1000s)SOLD at A$525
Carton inc covers 1978 Federation Aeronautique Internationale. Official History of Aviation FDC collection with 108 diff large envelopes in custom album. Produced by Franklin Mint, so excessive original cost & now hard to find. Norfolk Is 1970s-90s FDC collection with (90) to $5. Australia 1969-end 1975 near comp PO Pack collection (38, retail $470) inc 1975 Gift Pack, 1970 & '71 Selected issues 1971- 73 Christmas, 1970 & '73 Nat Development, 1972 Primary Ind & 1969 Cocos Defs. Chocolate box with unsorted off-paper mix. World collections in 4 loose leaf binders inc Germany 1940s-90s (many 100s) & 1880s-1960s British Commonwealth in 3 springback binders.SOLD at A$200
Europe collection inc Liechtenstein sheetlets 1962-86 on hagners mostly with FD Commem cancels (117) inc Europa issues & others (cat €1470). Germany inc West Germany 1967-74 sets on cards with FD Commem pmks (€750). Also ETB (FD cards) collection 1974-77 of West Germany & Berlin (€215). VF. Total cat €2400 = A$3900. (117 sheetlets, 244 cards, 150 ETB)SOLD at A$100

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Italy - Papal States: 1852-70 folded letters/wrappers with 1862 1b green tied 'Macerata' s/l pmk. 1853 3b green pr tied 'Bologna 19 MAG 53' cds, Modena b/s. 1865 2b greenish white tied barred pmk with 'Viterbo 16 LUG 65' cds -with Provincial Governor cachets. 1852 5b pale rose tied 'Roma 20 FEB 52' cds to Switzerland with b/s of 'Solothurn 27 FEB 52'. 1856 part letter with 8b & 'Ancona 29 GIU 56' cds. 1870 10c vermilion perf with 'Roma 13 MAG 70' cds to Civitavecchia. SG 9, 13, 21, 26 & 46 cat £470+ as loose stamps. Sass 2, 3A, 6, 9 & 26 cat €750 on covers as cheapest. (6).SOLD at A$130
Catalogue: ACSC KGV Latest Edition 2018 with 470pgs. Variety section expanded on previous edition inc additional listings in the ever-popular 1914-36 1d section inc CNE errors in violet & green, & red no wmk variety section re-assessed. 4d orange section reorganised with varieties valued in all the major shades. Plus all Pics & Commems to 1936 with Plate No, imperf errors & major varieties etc. New.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1934 Brisbane-Darwin intermediate FFC. from Australia-England flight with 'Brisbane 10 DE 34' cds. AAMC 470c cat $50. Scarce.AVAILABLE at A$35

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1934 Sydney-Daly Waters intermediate FFC from Australia-England flight registered with 'Rose Bay 7 DE 34' cds. AAMC 470c cat $50. Scarce.AVAILABLE at A$30

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1934 Australia-Batavia Neth Indies intermediate FFC. registered from Australia-England flight with 'Rose Bay 7 DE 34' cds. AAMC 470d cat $50.AVAILABLE at A$30

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1934 Australia-Koepang Neth Indies intermediate FFC. from Australia-England flight registered with 'Rose Bay 7 DE 34 cds. AAMC 470d cat $50.AVAILABLE at A$30

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1934 Australia-Greece FFC. with 'Brisbane 3 DE 34' cds. AAMC 470p.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1934 Australia-Greece FFC. with 'McKinlay 3 DE 34' cds. AAMC 470p.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1941 Petain set 40c-2Fr50, plus Relief Fund 1Fr+10c, all IMPERF horiz prs. Superb fresh MUH, all 4 margins. SG 690-93(var), Maury 470-73nd & 494nd cat €690+. Very scarce. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1941 Petain 40c brown Epreuvre de Luxe proof. VF fresh UN as made. SG 690(p), Yv 470EdL.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1944 Italian Social Republic 'GNR' opt King Pictorial set 5c-50L, Verona printing, all error opt INVERTED. Superb fresh MUH. SG ex 1-20(var), Sass 470a-489a cat €8700. Extremely rare genuine error set. Raybaudi photo cert. (18). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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Kedah: 1922 Malaya-Borneo opt set 21c-50c with 15mm Borneo opt in horiz marginal prs with varieties 'small Y' at right & 'dropped X' at left. VF fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. SG 49a-51a cat £470 as M singles, should be at least £940 MUH, plus premium for positional setenant prs. (3 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1939 Pictorial set 1c-$10 plus 12c shade. VF fresh MUH. SG 303-317 cat £1470. Popular set & rare in MUH condition. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1939-40 Inwards registered GB FDC franked KGVI 6d purple tied '30 JA 39' cds & 8d carmine tied by '27 FE 39' cds, ea with 5 diff b/s. SG 470 & 472 cat £145 on FDC. (2).AVAILABLE at A$40

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1921-29 KGV Set ½d to 5/- wmk script opt/perf SPECIMEN inc 1d red both opt & perf. VF fresh MLH. SG 37-47c inc 38sa cat £470. (17) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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China: 1919 'SHANGHAI CHINA' opt USA set 2c/1c - $2/$1, plus 16c & 24c listed shades (only 2nd 16c sl gum aging spots). Mostly superb fresh MUH, all pristine never hinged original gum. Sc K1-16 cat US$5290 MUH. SG 1-16 cat £2470 for M, should be at least double, £4940 MUH. Extremely rare in genuine MUH condition & certificate can be obtained on request. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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China: 1919 'SHANGHAI CHINA' opt USA set 2c/1c - $2/$1, plus 16c & 24c listed shades. VF fresh MLH. Sc K1-16 cat US$2225. SG 1-16 cat £2470. Rare set in unusually nice quality. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100