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KGV 2d Orange accumulation (1100) inc prs, strips of 3 & blks of 4, & private perfins (100+), mixed fair-FU. 4d violet (55) G-FU (retail $1100), 5d brown (40) mostly Single wmk, retail $300+, 1930s commems (50) inc Vic Cent & S.Aust sets. (1250)SOLD at A$200

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1941 Petain 2F50 blue Epreuvre de Luxe proof. Superb fresh UN as made. SG 693(p), Yv 473EdL.AVAILABLE at A$40

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Serbia: 1941 POW Charity 1st set 0.50+1.50-4+12D, all FULL PANES of 25, 5 in centre w/o underprint, 4 with 'E' (2 pointing right & 2 pointing left), rest with underprint pointing down on ea pane position 13 with engraver's secret mark of initials. VF fresh MUH. SG G50A-53A & G50B-53B. Mi 54-57 AI-AIV & 54AII-57AII cat €4210+ as singles, plus Mi specified +30% premium for se-tenant multiples so = €5473. Very rare matching set especially as the 1st value engravers mark occurred only in part of printing. 4 panes of 25. 2019 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1923 setting I opt KGV ½d, 2d, 4d, 6d, 1/-, 1/3 & 2/6, litho opt in shiny ink, horiz se-tenant prs. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 1d, 3c, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8b & 9a cat £473. Rare full set of litho opts. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350