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KGV single wmk MUH range with ½d orange (30) inc blks of 4 (5), 1d violet (19) inc right marginal blk of 8, 1d green (8) inc 'wattle line' & 'neck flaw' varieties in blk of 4 (ACSC cat $250), 1½d black-brown horiz pr, 1½d red (12), 2d brown, 2d pale red (6) inc lower marginal blk of 4, 4d orange (2), 4d blue & 4½d violet (5) inc upper marginal blk of 4. All VF fresh MUH, ACSC cat $3200. Also basic set of 14 to 3d blue M & Kangaroos (7 FM, cat $1150) inc 1st wmk ½d, 1d, 2½d MUH. 2d & 3d, 6d CofA, & 1/- 3rd wmk. Total ACSC cat $4350. (112)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Literature: The Barred Numerals of Victoria (1856-1912) by Freeman, 2nd Ed, pub 2018. 484pgs with all known cancels illustrated in full colour & rarity ratings C to RRRRR for the extremely rare (1-3 recorded) examples, plus listings for the Duplex Cancels, again with rarity ratings, up to 5R for comp strikes. The definitive work on this subject. New in shrink wrap.AVAILABLE at A$150

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1934 Aviation 20k red with wmk, being 'specimen' stamp from UPU distribution, with local 'SPECIMEN' h/s (type PORC 6) applied by Portuguese Ministry for the Colonies. VF UN affixed to piece ex archive pgs. SG 645A(s), Mi 484Y(s). Unique stamps from Portuguese India Goa Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130