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Genuine Old time collection in 'Triumph' stamp album. Largely assembled pre WWII with a good selection of Europe & Colonies, British Empire etc. Inc Australia Kangaroos 1st wmk to 5d inc 4d yellow G-FU. Egypt 1872-1940, Hungary C19th to 1940 inc 1932 Madonna to 5P M. Extensive Italy 1863-1950 mostly G-FU inc 1863 to 2L (2), 1878 Officials to 10L, 1889 to 5L (cat £1100), 1891 to 5L, 1926 1L20 Air, 1928 Emmanuelle Anniv to 5L, 1930's Commens part sets, 1937 Famous Italian to 2L55 G-FU. Italian States inc Sardinia 1855 to 80c, Sicily 1859 2g blue (2), mostly G-U, Italian Colonies inc Eritrea 1893 to 1936 Somalia 1906-1936 in 1906 surch, 1923 surch selections G-FU, Libya 1921 to 1938. Vatican City inc 1933 Pope Pius 1L to 2L75 G-FU, 1937 Catholic Press 75c M, Fiume 1920 to 1L M/MLH, Greece 1889-1940 inc 1926 Airs set M & others. Spain 1850-1940 inc 19th Cent selection G-FU. Then 1928 Catacombs to 5p, 1930 Goya Cent to 10p, 1930 Sth America to 10p all opt 'Muestra' (Specimen), Spanish Civil War Propaganda Labels (50 diff). Various other selections of Asia, Europe, Sth America & Colonial Africa inc Revenues. Mixed condition, many fine or better. SG cat £8300+ = A$15,500+. Well worth further investigation (1000s)SOLD at A$700

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Set: 6d Chestnut, 9d violet, 1/- green, perf OS. F-VF M. SG O114-16 cat £183. ACSC cat $485. (3)SOLD at A$160

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Specimen set: 10/-, £1 & £2 opt SPECIMEN type D. F-VF MUH. SG 136-8s. ACSC cat $485. (3). (P)SOLD at A$140

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Specimen Set: 10/-, £1, £2 opt SPECIMEN type D. VF fresh MUH. SG 136-8s cat £90 for M, should be at least double, £180 MUH, ACSC cat $485. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Specimen Set: 10/-, £1, £2 opt SPECIMEN type D. Premium quality. W/C fresh MUH. SG 136-8s, ACSC cat $485. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1972 Ship 8f set. F-VF UN as issued, 1st sl tropicalised. NS7, SG 2485-2488 cat £180. (4).SOLD at A$70