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German Colonies: 1884-1900 Collection Cameroun 1887-1900 Eagle 20pf on piece with 'Kamerun 12 8 99' cds. 1897-98 opt Eagle set to 50pf. Carolines 1899-1900 Eagles 48 deg opt 3pf & 10pf, 56 deg opt to 50pf. China 1898 opt Eagle 48 deg opt to 50pf, & 56 deg 50pf. Morocco 1899 opt eagle set to 50pf. Turkey 1884 opt 'Pfenig' to 2½Pi on 50pf. 1889 opt Eagle set to 2½Pi on 50pf. German New Guinea 1897-99 opt Eagle to 50pf. German SWA 1897-1900 Deutsch-Sudwest-Afrika opt to 20pf & 2nd opt to 50pf. Mariana 1899-1900 opt 56 deg set to 50pf. Marshall Is 1897-1900 'Marschall Inseln' opt 5pf, 10pf & 20pf, & 'Marshall-Inseln' to 50pf. Samoa 1886-99 Eagle 10pf with 'Apia' pmk. Togo 1897-98 opt Eagle to 50pf. All diff. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £4450+ = A$8600+. (83) (P)SOLD at A$1000