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German States: Collection 1850-1920 on Minkus pgs inc Baden from 1851 inc 1851 to 9K, 1860 perf 13½ to 9K perf 10 to 1K black UN, 6K, 9K others U. 1862 1K-18K U, 30K UN, Bavaria from 1849 inc 1850 1K rose, 12K red, 18K orange-yellow GU, 1867 Arms imperf to 12K U, 1874 1M imperf, 1M perf, 1911 Arms to 3M, 5M MLH, 1911 King to 5M U, Bremen 1855 3g U, 3g UN, 1856-63 5g, 7g, 5sg UN. 1866 2gr, 3gr, 5gr, 7gr, 10gr, 5sgr UN (no certs), Brunswick 1852 2gr blue U, 1861-64 ½g UN, 1g (2), 2g on blue, 3g U, 1865 1/3g, 1g, 2g, 3g MLH, Hamburg 1852 ½s UN, 1s, 7s U, 1864 1¼ (2), 2½s UN, 1864-65 to 7s U, 9s M, Hanover 1850-64, 1850-60 ½g black, 1859 selection to 3g, 1864 to 3 gr U, Lubeck 1859 2s brown U, 4s UN, 1862 ½s, 1s UN, 1863 1s U, 2s UN, 2½ U, Mecklenburg 1856 ¼s (2) U, 1856-64 3s, 5s U, 1864 ¼5gr U, 2sgr, 3sgr UN, Oldenburg 1952 1/30th U, Prussia 1850 4pf, 6pf, 1sgr, 2sgr, 3sgr U, to 10ngr U, Thurn & Taxis Northern Issues. 1852 to 3sgr, 1862-64 to 3sgr, Southern issues 1852 to 9K, 1863 to 7K U, North German-Federation inc 1868 roulette & perf to 5g U, Alsace & Lorraine 1870 to 25c mixed types mostly UN & various others. An original long held collection with the usual mixed condition you would expect of that era, but many F-VF. SG cat £23,000 = A$44,000. (780) (P)SOLD at A$1200