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Ceylon: 1857-1900 Classic QV collection inc 1857 QV 6d, on blued paper imperf. 1857-59 QV vals to 2/- imperf inc the rare 4d rose (SG cat £4500). 1861-70 QV vals to 2/- inc wmks. 1866-68 QV 1d & 3d. 1872-80 QV vals to 96c, wmk crown CC. 1882 Surch set. 1883-98 QV vals to 8c, wmk crown CA. 1885 'Postage & Revenue' opt vals to 5c on 96c. 1885 Surch vals to 1R12 on 2R50. 1885 Numeral Surch vals to 56c on 96c. 1887 1R12. 1888-90 Range of 2c on 4c inc types & colours. 1890 5c on 15c & 1891 15c on 25c & 28c. 1899-1900 QV vals to 2R50. 1895 On Service opt set to 1R12c. All diff inc shades. Mostly G-VF U, mixed in parts as expected. SG cat £8800+ = A$16,000+. (105) (P)SOLD at A$1600