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Netherlands: Collection stock 1975-94 MUH on hagners in binder with usually 2-3 of each set. Noted 1981 defs in plate blks of 4, 1991 Defs to 5G in cnr blks of 4, plus coils. Also a selection of M/sheets MUH & CTO & some booklets. Mostly VF, SG cat £2500 = A$4500. Also with empty Davo hingeless album with pages to 1997, retail $600. (980, 55 MN/S, 18 bklts)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Penrhyn Island : 1976-82 Ex dealer's M/S & sheetlets stock (46 diff). All good thematics inc Royals, Stamps, Space, Space, Religion, Olympics, Soccer, Charles & Diana etc. Up to 15 ea of some. VF MUH, some CTO. SG cat £425. FV NZ$550 = A$525+. (330)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1d Mauve imperf Plate Proof on thin glazed card with plate flaw 'broken crown top' & 'thin margin line under E of One'. VF UN as made. ACSC 70PP(2)E cat $525. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1888-1907 Centenary issue 4d & 6d Specialised monogram singles & multiples with well annotated varieties. 1888-89 Cook 4 LL cnr marginal strip of 5 with 'CP' & 'GPrO/NSW' monograms, plus LL cnr marginal single with 'CP' monogram. Also Used bottom marginal single with '1888' monogram. QV Shield 6d carmine, bottom marginal blk of 4 with 'CP' monogram. 1907 6d orange, bottom marginal single with '1888' monogram, wmk Crown/Double-lined A. 1897-99 6d green, LR cnr marginal single with '1888' monogram, plus left marginal vert strip of 3 with part inscription. 1905-10 6d orange, wmk Crown/Single-lined A, selection inc bottom marginal blk of 4 with '1907' monogram, bottom marginal single with 'CAW' monogram & LL cnr marginal single with 'CAW' monogram. F-VF M/MUH, 1 U. SG cat £525++ for M singles, plus premium for monograms, blks & varieties. (10 items) (P)SOLD at A$300

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Postmark: Numeral 525 of Mogo (1st type 6x13mm) (RRRRR) near comp strike on 1880s QV 6d violet. (P)SOLD at A$250

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Switzerland: 1918-22 inc Tell's son, Helvetia & Tell types, 1921 surch 1918 Official opts both thin & thick opt sets of 8 M (SG cat €1200), thin opts exp Champion, 1919 Air wings opt set M/U (£350), Peace set & Pro Juventute 1918-21 comp (£255) -all U unless noted, plus PPC & 3 covers -2 censored with Postage Due stamps, 1 with 'Franco' official stamp (£1900). Plus Liechtenstein 1920-21 M (£525) with Scroll opt set, surch opt set, surch set, perf Pictorial, set, Dues, Birthday & surch sets, 1921 Arms & Pics sets. Total SG cat £14215, plus covers. (127, 5 covers/cards). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1933 Welfare 'Nothlife' Anniv M/Sheet. Stamps & gummed area superb fresh MUH (only central area of this M/S was gummed), ungummed margins with sl blemishes but also look never hinged, original size 209x148mm. Mi Blk 2 cat €1800 for M or €7000 MUH. SG MS525a cat £2250 for M or £8500 MUH. Key German M/S in far above average condition. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1858-76 QV 2d deep blue, plate 15, letters 4 cnrs ES-SE. F-VF fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. SG Spec G3-PL15, SG 47-PL15 cat £525 for M, should be at least double, £1050 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300