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Italian Colonies: 1874-1940s betters on dealer cards inc General Issues for Turkey 1874 ESTERO opt King & Numeral to 60c. 1881-83 opt King to 50c. Eritrea 1893 opt King & Numeral to 1L. 1903 opt King & Arms to 50c. 1910-29 Views to 25c. 1905 Surch 15c on 20c. 1907 Express letter 25c & 1909 30c (SG cat £180). Somalia 1906-16 Surch to 25c. 1916 Red Cross 10+5c. 1909-20 Postage Due to10L. Libya 1901 Benghazi opt King 1pi on 25c U (£200). 1909 Express Letter set 25c & 30c. 1915-16 Red Cross to 20c+5c. 1921 Pictorial 25c & 30c Dalmatia 1919 'di Corona' opt Postage Due to 30c. 1919 EXPRESS opt set 25c & 30c. 1919 King opt to 50c. PO in Albania 1907 King 20pa on 10c. Polish Corps in Italy 1943-44 opt Pic to 1L. Also Crete selection inc 1905 Revolution Pic set M & U. 1900 Provisional opt 1d & 5d. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £6100+ = A$11,000+, conservative marked retail is $2000+. (140).SOLD at A$450