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Latin America Postal History mostly 1890s-1950s covers & cards with Argentina (90), Bolivia (28) inc 1872 stampless letter to Salta with 2-line 'Tupisa Franca' h/s, Brazil (22), Canal Zone (2), Chile (18), Colombia (50) inc inward from USA 5c Envelope uprated Air 10c pr & SCADTA Bolivia 25c to Columbia, Cuba (6), Dominican (2), El Salvador inc ca 1850? Stampless letter wrapper with 'San Salvador' h/s to Guatemala, Ecuador, Guatemala (45), Mexico (15), Nicaragua, Panama (8), Paraguay (6), Peru (6), inc 1929 cover to USA by air within Columbia franking inc SCADTA 10c & 20c -via Canal Zone to New York, Uruguay (15) inc 1946 reg airmail to Sydney & Venezuela (13). Virtually all to overseas many Airmail inc to UK, plus Switzerland, USA, Australia etc with Registered, Express, Censored & range of earlier Postal Stationery UN, some U. Very mixed condition as expected but extremely interesting lot. (350). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1934 Hindenburg Memorial set 3pf-25pf. VF fresh MUH. SG 545-50 cat £170. Mi 548-53 cat €140. (6)AVAILABLE at A$55

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1945 SA/SS Storm Troopers set 12+38pf full sheets of 50. VF fresh MUH. Mi 909-910 cat €4500+, SG 897-898 cat £5450+, both as singles, plus premium for spectacular sheets of last stamps of Third Reich. (2 sheets of 50). (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1945 unissued opt PROOF on cigarette paper with device & 'IV Centenario del Concilio de Trento 1545-1945 L20' which has a planned issued for which central authorities refused permission. Superb UN as made. Dr Avi photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Fernando Poo: 1905 Curly Head set 1c-10P, with serial no. A000,000 (specimen) on back. VF fresh MLH. Sc 136-51 cat US$295+, SG 172-87 cat £425+ both plus premium for specimens, Edifil 136N-51N cat €545+. Only 1000 such sets printed. (16). (P)AVAILABLE at A$275