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Deceased Estate Two, Part 5: Australia in Seven Seas hingeless album (retail $90) with solid near comp U collection 1966-end 1979, plus plastic bag with many 100s of 1970s-90s better Pics & M/sheets, plus album with 60 1970s FDC. Kiribati near comp MUH collection 1979-83 in illustrated hingeless album with 25 Pic sets & 9 M/sheets. New Hebrides KEVII-1970s dealer priced accumulation (market retail $500) in 25 hagner sheets inc early 1900s 1d, 2d Locals (3 sets) opts on Fiji KEVII to 1/-, Weapons/Idols odds to 4/- & 1950s-60s Pics & Commems, mixed M & U (700) inc odd M/sheet. NZ Accumulation early 1900s-80s inc KEVII to 1/- orange, KGV to 3/- violet inc scarce 8d blue, plus Officials to 1/-, 1940 Centennial to 1/- inc Official opts comp (retail $100) & others to 5/-. Pitcairn Is priced dealer stock ($700) to mid 1990s with 500 stamps inc 1940 KGVI set to 2/6, 1964 QEII to 8/-, 1977 Pic sets (4) to $2 QEII & 1984 Fish to $2, plus 76 assorted Commem sets to 1996 QEII Birthday & 18 M/sheets, mostly VF MUH. Tuvalu 1970s-80s dealer stock (retail $360) with 75 Pic/Commem sets inc odd SPECIMEN opt, plus scattered M/sheets, plus shoebox with unsorted mess in envelopes. Large carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$230

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Complete M/MUH collection of 72 as per Seven Seas pgs, plus some extras with 1913 Engraved 1d red pale & deep colours. Single wmk set to 1/4 inc 1d red Die I, II pr rough paper MLH (SG 47i cat £500, ACSC 72(1)ia cat $1000). 1d Red Die III, 1½d brown, 2d red, 2d brown, 3d blue, 4d orange & 4d violet MUH, plus 4d lemon, blue, olive, 4½d, 5d & 1/4 MLH, ACSC cat $1600. LM wmk (8) inc 1d red shades (2, MLH), 1d green & 1½d brown (4) inc black-brown thin paper MUH (cat $325), SM wmk perf 14 set of 9 inc 1½d bright golden scarlet & 2d brown MUH ($350) & ½d-1/4 FM ($670). SM wmk perf 13½x12½ set of 18 inc 1½d golden scarlet MUH & 1d green Die II/I pr, 3d blue Die I, 4½d, 1/4 deep turquoise blue & both Surch MLH (ACSC cat $770), plus 4½d Die II CTO as always ($125). CofA wmk set to 5d MUH ($250), plus 1/4 turquoise MLH ($150). Finally opt OS set of 7 fresh MUH ($220). Total ACSC cat $5460, SG cat £2600. (78) (P)SOLD at A$1500

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1931 Smiling Boy Health set 1d & 2d. VF U. SG 546-47 cat £135, CP T3a-b cat NZ$450. (2) (P)SOLD at A$100