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Deceased Estate Two, Part 6: Accumulation in 6 large s/books with Australia 1950s-70s Christmas Is (1000+) to late 1990s with good range on non-letter rate higher G-FU. Asia inc Ceylon, Singapore & Vietnam. Germany 1890s1940s with Arms to 50pf olive & Germanias to 8-pf bicolours inc shades & printing variations & misc World. General collection in 1950s loose leaf album GB 1940-80 in exercise book, plus QEII castles in glassines inc £1 grey (250). Jersey collection 1958-89 in SG loose leaf illustrated album with 85 Pic/Commonwealth sets, 4 M/sheets & £5 QEII, F-VF M. Latvia 1992-94 specialised FDC collection with 60 Pic/Commem sets, mostly MUH inc to $2. Scrappy accumulation in 35 hagners inc GB Commems, plus high val castles (35) to £5 Windsor. Aust misc inc NSW 1960s Soft Drink Bottle multicoloured labels (40), with 8 diff types retail $80 & African States/Sand Dune thematics (380) in part sheets & large multiples. PNG accumulation (many 100s) with pre-decimals (240) inc 1952 Fisherman £1 (4), 10/- Map (5), 1960 Postage Dues set to 3/-, assorted Pics to 10/- Bird or 10/- Rabaul & 1966-80 dec Commem sets (150), mostly fresh CTO. Large carton (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$220