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Bahamas: 1863-1983 Collection in green springback binder inc 1863 wmk cc 1d rose-red FU, 1863 wmk CC perf 14 1/- U, 1901 Staircases set M/MLH, 1931 'Badge' 2/-, 3/- FU, 1930 Tercentenary set M/MLH 1948 KGVI SW sets MUH & U, 1948 Tercentenary set MLH, 1954 Defs MLH/MUH, 1967 Defs set MUH, plus white paper vals to $3 MUH & various others. Mostly VF M/U, SG cat £1250+ = A$2350. (500 + 9 M/Sheets).AVAILABLE at A$250

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1934 Hindenburg Memorial set 3pf - 25pf. VF fresh MUH. SG 545-50 cat £170. Mi 548-53 cat €140. (6)SOLD at A$110

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1996 Atlanta Olympics set 30t-400t, 2 sets as a IMPERF sheetlet with Centenary Olympics inscriptions etc, plus 'Centenary Games' 500t Basketball M/Sheet printed on top. VF fresh MUH. SG 2548-56 & MS2558a(var). Spectacular!AVAILABLE at A$50

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1936 Dubrolyubov 10k purple perf 14, being 'specimen' stamp from UPU distribution, with local 'SPECIMEN' h/s (type PORC 7) applied by Portuguese Ministry for the Colonies. VF UN affixed to piece ex archive pgs. SG 727b(s), Mi 548(s). Unique stamps from Portuguese India Goa Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1918 Flying Jenny Air set 6c, 16c & 24c. VF fresh M/MLH, 24c tiny pinhole. Sc C1-C3 cat US$195, SG A546-A548 cat £275. (3) (P)SOLD at A$60

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1918 Flying Jenny Air set 6c, 16c & 24c. VF fresh M. Sc C1-C3 cat US$195. SG A546-A548 cat £275. (3). (P)SOLD at A$130
1918 Flying Jenny Air set 6c, 16c & 24c. F-VF U. Sc C1-C3 cat US$100, SG A546-A548 cat £118. (3)AVAILABLE at A$30

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1918 Flying Jenny 24c blue & carmine, variety 'centre shifted'. VF UN. Sc C3(var) cat US$70+, SG A548(var) cat £100+, plus premium for variety.SOLD at A$30