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Deceased Estate Two, Part 8: The final carton lot with Canada 1987-92 FDC collection with 212 diff with Pic sets & singles in thick album. USA 1920s-80s Airmails & 1940s-60s Commem collection in another large album. Paquebot covers 1934-36 single correspondence (13) to Australia mostly franked GB KGV 1½d brown with a variety of cancels inc Aden, Bombay, Fremantle, Marseilles & Port-Taufid. Fiji 1960s-90s decimal dealer stock (retail $400+) with 260 Pic/Commem sets inc 1969 Defs to $2 (2 sets), 1971 Birds/Flowers to $2 (6 sets), 1979 Architecture to $5 blks of 4 & many useful thematics inc Aircraft, Butterflies, British Royalty, Fish, Ships, Sport & WWF mostly MUH with G-FU/CTO sighted Ireland 1922-90 collection (380) inc 1922 opts (25) to 1/-, 1940s St Andrew to 10/- blue, 1950s-60s Commem sets & decimal Pics mostly G-FU, retail $250. World accumulation (100s) in 3 medium s/books with Asia, Europe inc strong Germany & Italy, plus misc British Commonwealth. B&W binder with 25 hagners with Spain 1930s unissued 30c Seville Airmail in large blks inc double print (150) in comp sheets, Sand Dunes 1960s Pics in quantity, Central Lithuania 1921 Cathedrals imperf 1M-20M sets (40 ex 6m) in large multiples, SG 34/41 cat £340. GB 1968 Castle 2/6 comp sheet of 40 MUH & the ever present NSW 1960s Soft Drink Bottle Labels (30, retail $60). Viewing recommended (as well as the other 19 cartons from this vendor) with wide range of Pacific & World stamps on offer. (1000s)SOLD at A$230