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French Colonies: 1870s-1950s Mint/MUH ranges on s/cards in box with big quantity to sort, inc Morocco 1914 Protectorate opt Blanc, Merson & Mouchon to 50c. Middle Congo 1933 Postage Due set to 3Fr. St Pierre & Miquelon 1934 Cartier opt set to 5Fr. Madagascar 1943 France Libre opt to 2Fr. New Hebrides 1953 Sailing Canoe set to 5Fr. New Caledonia 1891 10c P&C 40c imperf opt inverted. Tahiti 1893 opt Commerce 15c. 1903 opt P&C set to 40c. Djibouti 1894-1902 Pictorial to 50c. 1903 Camel & Tribesman to 1Fr Reunion 1901 surch to 1Fr. Madagascar 1894 opt P&C to 75c. 1902 Surch to 15 on 1Fr. 1896-99 Tablet to 5Fr. Fr Morocco 1891-1900 opt P&C 5c & 20c. Tangier 1928 Air opt set to 5Fr. Martinique 1903 Parcel Post opt 5Fr on 60c Postage Due (SG cat £600). Alexandria 1927-28 Mouchon 50m, 100m & 200m, Middle Congo 1930 Postage Due set to 3Fr. Reunion 1885-86 5cR opt P&C 30c imperf, plus Ceres 50c. Indo China 18912-1900 Tablet to50c. Vathy 1893-1900 opt P&C to 2Fr. Guadeloupe from 1884 inc 1884 GPE 25 on 35c. 1889 Surch 3 on 20c & 25 on 20c. 1903 G&D opt to 1Fr. Cameroon. 1940 opt to 2Fr25. Also Monaco from 1885 Prince Charles 1c, 2c & 5c. 1891-1921 Prince Albert to 5Fr 1919 War Fund to 25c. 1927 Baptism set. 1937-38 opt Postage Due set to 2Fr. Mostly VF M/MUH with approximately 80% being VF fresh MUH. SG cat £14,000+ for M, MUH should be at least double, so est £25,000+= A$46,000 for this lot. Impressive & valuable lot! (4600). (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500