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1920-22 Central Lithuania Polish Occup collection comp inc the rare 'Srodkowa Litwa' opt set 2Mk/15sk - 10Mk/5A in superb condition (but no certs), plus all defs, commems & postage dues, perf & imperf. VFU/CTO. SG 1-47, Mi 1-47A+B & P1-6A+B cat €6767+ = A$11,000. Rarely offered comp VFU! (96)AVAILABLE at A$500
1972-1997 Decimal MUH/U accumulation sorted in 6 shoeboxes with 7390 used & 115 MUH 1972-79, 8430 U & 160 MUH 1979-84, 5620 U & 50 MUH 1984-87, 6450 U & 30 MUH 1987-90, 7930 U & 26 MUH 1990-94 & 4700 U & 21 MUH 1994-97. A total of 400 MUH stamps (unknown FV) & 40,700 used with an ASC cat value of over $23,000. Plenty to sort through here! All in a large carton. (40,000+)SOLD at A$450

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6d Pale ultramarine Die IIB perf OS left marginal blk of 9. Stamps MUH, sl tones. SG O46d cat £1530 for M, should be at least double, £3060 MUH. ACSC 20Cb cat $5625. Rare multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1935 Adelaide-Broken Hill FFC, Adelaide 25 NO 35 cds. Only small mails carried. AAMC 562 cat $75.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1990 Heritage 40c error BLUE OMITTED (40c value), UR cnr 'value' tab. VF fresh MUH, normal for comparison. CP SH341aZ NZ cat $850. SG 1562a cat £300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1987 surch Coral 15t/12t, variety opt shifted 10m left resulting in bars at left & 15t at right over 12t. VFU, tied to piece by machine pmk. SG 562(var). Extremely rare -1st example we have seen. 2017 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150