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1946 Polish Corps & Settlements in Italy: Collection inc 1st Fieldpost set 45gr-2zl on greyish low quality paper, plus Fieldpost imperf M/Sheet, New Colours Fieldpost set 45gr-2zl, Airmail 5zl/2zl (3) with normal perf, error imperf at left, plus fully imperf. Then Settlements War Relief set 15c-10L, opt set 15c-80c, as well as Airmail 25L+100L on 1L IMPERF, War Relief M/S set of 3, plus 3L+247L imperf proof M/S with extra large margins. Plus London Exile Govt 1954 Monte Cassino battle anniv 45gr rare vermilion opt (with certificate). VF MUH/M/UN. Sass cat €4600+ = A$7500+. Interesting & valuable lot. (28, plus 5 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1992 Threatened Species $4.50, 2 error bklts, 1st 4 Koala, 2nd 1 Roo/1 Koala reprints, both printed on backing paper, so no gum. SG SB78c/e. Pf B170Dv/Fv cat $320. ACSC 1566(3)a & (5)a cat $500. (2)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1942 Tricolour Legion maxicard franked 1F20 blue & red gutter pr tied by 'Exposition Antibolchevique Lyon 3 5 43' cds & another strike on front. SG 769-70 cat £30+. Yv 566a cat €26+, both as loose stamps. Rare & attractive card. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1943 Anti-Bolshevik PPC, view side franked Tricolour Legion gutter pr 1F20 blue & red, tied by 'Exposition Antibolchevique Lyon 4 5 43' cds, address side franked 1942 Stendahl 4Fr tied by 'Expon Antibolchevique Bordeaux 23 10 42' cds but unaddressed. SG 769-70 cat £30+. Yv 566a cat €26+ both as loose stamps. Rare & attractive card. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1955 Stamp Centenary set 2d-4d full sheets of 120 or 160 (4d), inc imprints & plate nos. MUH, sl tones. SG 739-44 cat £112++. CP S566-8a NZ cat $138++. (3 sheets = 400)AVAILABLE at A$50

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1950 Currency Revaluation covers franked 'GROSZY' violet opts type 3 of Katowice & Krakow on 1947 Culture 1zl blue, 1948 15zl Ghetto, 15zl Warsaw Fund, 1949 Russia Friendship Postal Workers & 1950 Marchlewski & Posnan Fair. Mi 566, 591, 592, 605, 646, 647, 649 & 660 cat €124+ as loose stamps alone -should be double on cover, €248. Tied to 2 covers by 'Cieszyn 11 11 50' cds.AVAILABLE at A$80

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1930 Spanish-American Exhibition set 1c-10P, plus 10P engraved & 20c Express. VF fresh MLH. SG 627-E643 cat £202, Ed 566-82 cat €200. (17). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1930 Spanish-American Exhibition 1c-10P basic set, plus 20c Express. VF fresh MUH. SG 627-E643 cat £82 for M, should be at least double, £164 MUH, Edifil 566-80, 582 cat €205 MUH. (16). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1902 'UGANDA' opt BEA QV ½d yellow-green, top & sides marginal blk of 12, 2nd stamp top row error opt DOUBLE (one weak as always). Superb fresh, stamps MUH. Also wmk crown CA greatly shifted so that 2 stamps inc error only show gutter wmk lines! With error stamp pristine never hinged original gum. SG 92/92c cat £2783 for M singles, should be at least double, £5566 MUH, plus premium for blk. Only several double opt errors recorded & unique as such a positional blk. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2700