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Poland: 1915-48 Used collection in s/book. 1918 Lublin Austrian KuK Feldpost Welfare Fund set, error opt INVERTED. 1918 Lublin Austrian KuK Feldpost set to 90h (SG cat £110). 1919 South & North Poland sets to 5K & 5Mk perf & imperf. 1919 Gniezno Provisional set '5' & '10' (£600). 1921 Red Cross set to 30Mk (£130), 1925 Eagle Inflation set to 2,000,000Mk (£375). 1925 National Fund set to 50g (£320). 1934 Katowice Exhib set (£86). 1937 Romanian King Visit set of 3 M/S (£105). 1938 Warsaw Exhib M/S perf & imperf (£220). 1938 Balloon M/S (£75) etc. Then good BoB sections inc 1921 Poznan Air set 25m & 100m. Upper Silesia Arms & Miner set to 300Mk. Polish Levant 1919 opt set to 5Mk (£1200). Port Gdansk inc 1925 Eagles to 50gr. Good coverage of 1915-18 Local Posts inc Luboml, Warsaw, Sosnowice, Przedborze & Zarki 1918 Church, all 3 sets. Central Lithuania inc 1920 Arms opts to 1a. Lastly extremely strong section of 1918 Liberation local opts from a variety of towns, on Germania with Alexandrowo to 60pf. Blonie to 60pf. Brzezing to 60pf. Kalisz type I to 60pf. Grodzisk to 60pf. Kolo 20pf-60pf. Konin type I to 60pf & type II to 60pf black opt, violet opt & magenta opt. Leczyca opts to 60pf. Plonzk to 60pf. Pulisk to 60pf. Poddebice to 60pf. Sieradz to 60pf. Skierniewire to 60pf. Wlocluwek to 60pf & Zdunska Wola to 40pf. All diff. Almost all VFU. Mi cat €41,000+ = A$67,000+. No certs so reserved cheaply. Interesting lot with many rarities. (825+8M/S).AVAILABLE at A$1500