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Canada-Provinces Collection neatly presented on leaves with British Columbia, 1865 3d Pale Blue UN, 1869 2c UN, 25c yellow FU. New Brunswick 1851 3d dull-red GU, 1860 1c (3 - shades), 2c (4 - shades), 5c (4 - shades) M/UN, 10c, 12½c, 17c M/UN, 2c, 5c (2), 17½c U. Nova Scotia 1860-63 to 12½c M/UN both papers. Prince Edward Is 1862 9d U, perf 11½-12 1d, 4d, UN, 4½d M, 1872 to 12c M/UN, plus others. Fresh & clean. Mostly F-VF. SG cat £2000+ = A$4100+. (57).SOLD at A$350

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1944 Arms 5Fr Flanders Epreuve de Luxe Proof. Superb fresh UN as made. SG 814(p), Yv 602EdL.AVAILABLE at A$30

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1989 Fish 20t/17t, LR cnr imprint blk of 8 with opt partly missing so on 2 LR stamps has only '2' or '21' instead of '20t' & w/o bars so old 17t value not obliterated, & on 3rd stamp has '20' instead of '20t', an 4th bars are partially missing. VF fresh MUH. Very rare positional multiple of this major error. SG 602(var). 2021 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1989 Surch '20t & bars' on Fish 17t, error DOUBLE opt, both equally strong with 1st shifted 8mm vertically so straddling the perfs & bars in middle of stamp, while 2nd in normal position (overinked so fat 20t appearance). Postally f-VFU. SG 602a error listed but the low SG cat value is totally w/o any basis. In the last 20 years with have handled several major PNG collections of opt varieties with many unique items, none of which contained an example of this double opt error, nor have we seen any examples of it sold by any other auctions. The double opt error must have been all used up on normal mail & vast majority discarded, & this is apparently only the 2nd example discovered! 2021 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1888-93 'ZULULAND' opt QV GB ½d to 1/-. VF M/MLH, almost all fresh. SG 1-10 cat £602. Only 3701 sets to 1/- sold. (10). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400