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USA 1893-1999 collection on illustrated leaves in 3 albums 1893 Columbus 1c, 3c, 8c, 1898 Trans Miss 8c, 10c, 1902 Series defs 3c, 5c, 6c, 8c, 15c, 1918 24c Jenny blk of 4 2MLH/2MUH. Single MLH, 1922-32 to 50c M/MLH, $1 MUH with extras, 1938 defs to $5 ($2, $5 MUH others M/MLH), 1938 6c Air marginal pr MUH with variety 'horiz misplaced perfs' & other 1930s sets MLH. Then comprehensive 1940s-90s collection in many variety & errors. Pr IMPERF noted & 1975-81 13c Eagle Coil (cat £50). 1985 Transport Coil prs 10c, 13 2c with 'misplaced perfs' variety. 1985 22c Flag coil pr also misplaced perfs unpriced in catalogue. Extensive range of later issues through to 1999 Millennium sheetlets cat value of sets/singles to 1970 £3300 = A$6000 then post 1970 MUH with FV US$600 = A$850 inc 'Celebrate the Century 1900-99 collection in PO album. Some mixed condition in earlies o/w F-VF. (2000+, 40 M/Sheets). (P)SOLD at A$1150