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Yugoslavia & Slovenia: 1945-2003^ in pgs. Yugoslavia 1945 Slovenia opt Laibach German Occup Pic set to 30L, plus 50c variety \\\'telegraph wires at base of spine\\\'. 1945 Slovenia opt Hitler Head set to 80pf. 1945 Murska Sobota Slovenia opt Hungary set to 1P. Venezia, Guilia & Istria 1945-46 Pics to 30L. Slovenia 1991-2003 inc 1991 & 1992 Arms to 100PTT, 1992 Winter Olympics sheetlet. VF M/MUH with some later U. SG cat £210+, plus the scarce variety. (145)SOLD at A$80

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France: 1853-1990 Strong collection in 2 well-filled binders 1817 (23 June) folded letter Marseilles to Geneva, 1853 napoleon imperf to 80c, 186370 to 80c U, 1876-77 Peace & Commerce inc type 1, 1c green M, 4c green FU, type II selection inc 75c brown/pale orange UN, also 5F lilac (2), 1898 to 2F U, 1900 Merson inc 2F FU, 5F M, 1903 Sower series inc 20c purple-brown M, 1917 War Orphans to 1F U, 1918 red cross M, 1925 Defs to 20F G/F also 10F M, 1927 2F Air opt M, 1929 Views set G/F U. Sinking Fund sets inc 1929 set FU, 1930 set & 1931 1F50 MLH, other 1930s sets MLH/F U with extras notably 1936 War Memorial set MLH, 1938-39 Pics set MLH & set FU. 1940-41 Surch set 20F on 50F MUH others MLH, 1943 National Relief strip of 5, 1946-47 (2 sets) M/MLH, 1949 500F Air. 1949-50 National Relief Fund sets inc 1950 set M/MLH & set FU, 1953 set MLH, 1954 set MLH & set FU, 1956 set MUH & set MLH. 1954 Airs set MUH/MLH & set FU, 1957 Airs MLH/MUH & set FU, 1953 Sports set MUH, 1954 Red Cross set MUH. Later sets MLH/MUH & G/F U with extras, thematic sets inc Red Cross, Art, Airmails, Defs & others through to 1990. Small selection of French Colonies. Some mixed condition many F-VF. SG cat £11,000 = A$20,000. (2700+)SOLD at A$800