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Covers & Cards accumulation with Himalayan Expedition signed covers/cards (6) inc RAF Expedition 1974, British/Nepalese Army 1976 (3 diff) & 1971 International Expedition. Australia 1957 Farrer FDC (3) on larger Non-STD envs (not seen by us before). Belgium 1950s Railway Post stamped receipts (200) with a wide variety of franking & cancels. Germany 1980s Parcel-Post cards (90) with a range of singles, prs & multiple frankings up to top val of 500pfg. Scarce in quantity! Then World PPC postally U (130) early 1900s-1970s inc 1928 Zeppelin Flight USA-Germany with Pictorial cachet, 1941 Western Desert WWII captured Italian PPC, Czechoslovakia 1920s Local Mail 1904 Russia-USA, 1904-06 Chile-France (6), 1905 Argentina-France, 1904 Brazil-Paris, 1950 Venezuela-USA, 1967 Grenada-NSW, 1974 St Lucia-Scotland, 1955 Thailand-Germany, 1910 Victoria-New Caledonia & 1940s Aden-England. Overall very diverse group, see website for scans. Plus World UN PPC (230) early 1900s-1994s inc 1950s Tel-Aviv scenes & misc modern Europe. Large shoebox. (650)SOLD at A$450