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USA 1851-1974 collection in Davo illustrated album with 1851 1c, 3c, 12c, 1852/53 group of 3 covers all franked with 3c Washington, 1857 1c blue, 1861-62 1c, 2c, 10c, 24c U, 1870-71 6c (3), 10c (2), 15c, 1893 Columbus to 30c, 1898 Trans-Miss to 10c, 1901 pan0Am set U, 1922-31 Defs to 30c mostly MUH, 1923 Airs 8c, 16c UN, 24c FU 1929 'KANS' to 10c, 'NEBR' to 9c U, 1932 Washington Centenary set M. Then various later Commem sets/singles M/MUH inc 1940 Fam Americans comp. Also useful BOB inc Postage Dues 1895 50c lake wing margin SG D275 U (cat £900), Parcel Post 1913 50c MUH (cat £325). Various others, some mixed condition in earlies but others mostly F/VF. Total SG cat £5050 = A$9500. A very attractive collection. (1300)AVAILABLE at A$600