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Aviation: Helicopter-related covers & cards 1934-88 inc Australia 1934 (16th Nov) Melbourne to Portland 'Autogiro' First Flight Commem Flight Card AAMC 461 cat $75, GB 1934 APEX Commem PPC Windsor to London with various Commem cachets & vignettes. USA 1939 Philadelphia Airport 'Rotary Wing' FFC with Commem cachet. Then 1947-88 Helicopter Flight covers inc Belgium 1947 Helicopter FFC to Netherlands & cover for reverse flight, also a selection of (7) USA First & Experimental Flight covers with a variety of cachets. Few later Flight & Commem covers. Mostly VF. (19)SOLD at A$80
2009-13 Peel & Stick issues, specialised collection in 2 binders inc leader strips, International Post booklets & panes, Christmas M/sheets & others. Fresh & clean, FV $670.SOLD at A$350

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British Empire & Commonwealth - Great Britain: 1887-1970 Pre- decimal collection in 4 albums inc 1887-1900 QV Jubilee to 1/- 1902-13 KEVII to 5/- inc shades & blks. 1951 KGVI Pic High set to £1 M&U. Range of 1952-59 QEII Wilding issues inc wmks & papers. 1967-70 Machin to 1/9 inc se-tenant strip & prs. Commems are largely comp inc several FDCs. BoB inc Postage Dues 1914-23 to 1/-. 1924-31 to 2/6. 1937-38 to 2/6 1959-63 to £1. Also British Pos in Morocco inc 1935 KGV Jubilee set, Spanish Currency, plus set French Currency & Tangier set. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £3500+ = A$6700+. (1375, 14 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$350

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France: 1849-mid 1970s extensive & valuable collection nicely laid out on leaves in 3 quality springback binders inc 1949 20c, 25c (2), 1853 1c (2), 5c, 10c (2), 20c (9, various shades), 40c, 80c, 1862 to 80c, 1863-70 laureates to 80c, 1870 Bordeaux print 1c, 10c (2), 20c, 30c, 1871-76 to 80c (2), 1871 Postage Dues 25c, 30c, 1876 Peace & Commerce, 1876 type 1 to 1Fr inc 75c, 1877-90 to 5Fr G/FU, also 25c black/pale rose M, 1881-92 Postage Dues inc 1F black, 1898 Peace & Commerce to 2Fr, 1900 to 5Fr, 1918 Red Cross, 1922 War Orphans to 1Fr, 1925 5Fr Peace & Commerce Exhibition U, 1927 Sinking Fund set & others, 1936 Airs to 3Fr50, 1936 50Fr Banknote, 1936 Nat Relief set M/MLH, 1947 UPU set & 500Fr Air UN, 1948 Nat Relief set FU. 1950 1000Fr prs MLH, 1949 Airs set, 1953 Nat Relief set, 1953 Sports set, 1954 Airs set, 1955, 56, Relief sets, 1957 Air set FU later, Charity Red Cross & other sets. A nice, clean, well laid out, odd flt, much nicer than usually seen. SG cat £9200 = A$17,000. (2670) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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USA: 1851-1998 collection/accumulation in binder. 1861-66 Black jack 2c & Washington 10c plus Washington 3c opt SPECIMEN. 1870-80 Portrait to 30c. 1893 Columbus to 10c. 1898 Omaha to 10c. 1890 Portrait to 30c, no cnr triangles. 1902-03 Portrait to 50c. 1901 Pan American set to 10c. 1917-19 Washington & Franklin to $1. 1913-15 Panama Expo set. 1920 Tercent set. 1924 Huguenot set. 1932 Washington set M. 1938 Presidents to $5. Selection of USA Possessions inc Cuba, Philippines & Puerto Rico. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed earlies as usual. SG cat £6700+ = A$12,500+. (2200 + 12 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1d Carmine-rose rough paper (G74) plate 2 pane IV SUBSTITUTED CLICHE blk of 24 (pos IV/25-48) with substituted cliche Die I+ Die II, plus varieties 'thin G' & 'Y dot', as an internal blk of 4 (pos IV/34-35/40-41), plus 'colour flaw on outside frame' (pos IV/46). VF fresh M/MUH, some reinforced perf separations, unusually excellent centring. ACSC 72Q(2)ja/ka/c/m/n cat $6700+++ as singles. SG 47ba/in cat £4000+++ for just the 2 substituted cliches as singles, while such poistional se-tenant blk should be at least +50% to +100% premium, so est cat £6000 to £8000 = A$11,000 to A$14,500). An impressive & unique multiple being the 2nd largest recorded (apart from the comp sheet) & even mint prs are now rarely seen. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$4500

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1932 Bridge 2d Typographed, Ash imprint part sheet of 48. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 144 cat £336 as M singles, should be double MUH, £670 = A$1180. ACSC 149 zd cat $400. (48).AVAILABLE at A$75

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1897-1907 QV 2d blue study of multiples inc 1897-99 2d deep blue, UR cnr marginal blk of 6 with part inscriptions, 2x LL cnr marginal horiz prs both with 'WAC' monograms. 1899 2d cobalt-blue, blks of 4 1 with '1901' monogram & the other with part inscription, on chalk-surfaced paper. 1905-10 2d milky-blue blk of 4 with part 'GPrO NSW' monogram, wmk crown single-lined A, 2d cobalt-blue, horiz prs, wmk crown double-lined A. 1905-10 2d UR cnr marginal blk of 12 with inscriptions wmk crown single-lined A, plus top marginal blk of 4 with '1907' monogram. VF fresh M/MUH. SG cat £450+ for M singles, should be at least double, £670+, plus premium for monogram/inscription multiples. (71)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1938-50 KGVI Deception Island 10/- black & orange-brown, 10/- black & orange, & 10/- black & red-orange (greyish paper). VF fresh M/MLH. SG 162, 162a & 162b cat £670. (3).SOLD at A$200

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Croatia: 1941 Gold opts on Castle set 1.50+1.50D & 4+3D, in sheetlets of 16 stamps & 9 gutter tabs - 5 tabs with gold 'shield' opts, top marg also opt 'Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska', 1st sheet position 9 variety 'engraver's mark S'. F-VF fresh MUH. Mi 39-40KLB cat €1670, SG 26-27 cat £704 as loose M stamps alone, so at least £1408 MUH, plus large premium for the tabs & full sheetlets! Very scarce & most attractive. (2S/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1890-98 precursor use of Germany 2Mk deep claret (dunkelrotkarmin) & 20pf blue (violettultramain) tied to piece by 'Friedrich-Wilhelmshafen' 1894 cds. VFU. SG Z1a & Z11a cat £670. Mi V37e & V48d cat €540. Exp Bothe BPP. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200