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Australia - New South Wales: Australian Museum Sydney 1930s(?) Native Birds sets A1-6 Nos 1-30 (5 in ea set, numbered), Native Animals set C1 Nos 1-6. A superb collection of artists cards. Fresh UN & now rarely seen.(36)SOLD at A$180

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Indonesia: 1948-69 Mint collection in hingeless Amsterdam album. 1948-49 INDONESIA opt Queen set to 25G (SG cat £425). 1949-50 Pictorial & Numeral set to 25R (£400). 1951 'RIS' opt to 25R. 1950 5th Anniv set to 1R. 1951-53 President set to 50R. 1954 Volcano set to 5R + 2R50. Commems & Defs then appear comp to 1968 inc M/S. Also 1954 RIAU opt Numeral set to 25s (£435). 1954 opt Spirit & GPO to 90s. 1954 Buildings opt set 1R-25R. 1958-64 Animals set 5s-50s in cnr blks of 4, plus 1960 President set 1R25-50R in cnr blks of 4. All diff inc blks. VF M/MUH, post 1960 being almost all MUH. SG cat £1750+ = A$3300+. (710, 15 M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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Switzerland: 1854-1970s collection/accumulation in s/book. 1854-62 Strubeli to 20R. 1862-81 Sitting Helvetia to 1Fr inc papers & shades. Noted 60c (9U) & 1Fr (3U). 1882-1908 Standing Helvetia to 1Fr. 1908-40 to 1Fr. 1914-18 Pic high values to 5Fr. 1923-40 Air to 2Fr. Range of Pro Juventute issues. 1882-1908 Postage Due to 100c. Mostly F-VF M/U, 90%+ being U. SG cat £5900+ = A$11,000+. (710)AVAILABLE at A$300

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USA: 1870-80 Portrait collection on pgs. 1870-71 1c-90c. 1873 New Printing 1c-90c. 1875 Jackson 2c. 1879 1c-30c. 1880 to 30c. 1875 Taylor 6c blue. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, some mixed. Sc cat US$3400+. SG cat £3900 = A$7100+. (51).AVAILABLE at A$500