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1904 KEVII £25 green & violet, wmk Mult Crown CA, imperf color trial proof. Superb fresh UN with partial gum, 4 large even margins. Sc 18A(p), SG 19(p) cat £75,000 for normal. The Northern Nigeria £25 is the rarest high denomination stamp of all the 20th century keyplate issues of the British Empire with less than 10 mint examples recorded of the issued stamp. Even as a color trial proof, it is a great rarity as only one of each has been recorded of a small number of different colors. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$10000

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France: 1961-99 MUH collection in stock pages with plenty of Pics/Commems inc Europa, Red Cross Telecommunications & more inc booklets, M/Sheets & Postage Dues. Minor duplication throughout, all fresh & clean, FV 7300Fr = €1100 = A$1850.SOLD at A$650

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Italian Colonies 1915-1942 Collection in a Lighthouse s/book with slipcase inc Libya 1912-17 King opt set to 10L, 1921 Pictorials to 5L, 1927 set to 1L25, 1936 41 commems are comp. 1927-31 1st - 5th Tripoli sets are comp (Sass cat €860), Airmails inc 1929 King opt set 50c & 80c, 1934-41 appear comp, Special Delivery 1915-27 comp inc 1915 set. Parcel Post 1915-18 5c-4c se-tenant prs, Italian Colonies general issues 1932 Garibaldi comp, 1933 50th Anniv Postage set comp to 10L + 2L50, 1933 10th Anniv set comp Postage & Air to 50L, Italian East Africa 1941 Axis Commemoration comp with both 1L, Somalia 1934 2nd Colonial Exhibition comp to 2L. Mostly Fresh VF MLH/MUH. SG cat £3800+ = A$7300 plus premium for the many MUH. (300+). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Netherlands: 1852-1964 collection in Schaubek album. 1852-64 King set to 15c imperf. 1867-69 King set to 50c. 1869-71 King Arms to 2.50G. 1891-96 Princess to 5G. 1898-1907 Queen & Numeral to 5G. 1906 Anti TB set. 1913 Centenary to 2½G. 1914-25 Queen to 5G. Useful 1920s-30s Child Welfare sets. 1949-51 Queen to 10G. Postage Dues 170s 5c & 10c. Also 1983 Netherlands Catalogue. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £3800+ = A$7300+. (750)AVAILABLE at A$350