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Romania: 1860s-1974 Collection mixed on hagners, old pages & s/book inc 1862 Bulls 6p red UN, 1860s Kings (8), 1870s Kings (55, SG cat £650), 1880-90 Kings (60) to 2L, all 5 1906 Charity sets U (£130), 1906 Exhib set U (£130), 1928-50 (£450), 1951-59 (£530), 1931-47 Charities (£690) inc 1934 Mamaia opt set (£75), then strong range to 1974, a few more pages to 1982, plus Official, Dues etc. Great thematics throughout. Mostly F-VF M/U, only light duplication. SG cat £4750 = A$8500. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$550

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1980 Aircraft 22c Wackett, IMPERF 'heart of sheet' blk of 48 showing portions of all 4 panes, with stamp size horiz central gutter (not issued as such) with printer's colour bars & m/s shift marks, with huge upper margin again with colour bars, horiz gutters with coloured dots (issued format). F-VF fresh MUH, folded vert in gutter along edge of stamps, & horiz lightly through 4 stamps. Originates from the 2nd of only 2 imperf sheets recorded (the 1st imperf sheet was sold intact in our auction 350, & will remain intact). SG 761(var). Using ACSC numbering & estimating prices from other imperfs of the period this would be ACSC 883PP(2) est cat $200 per normal imperf pr (x12 prs) & $400 per intersheet pr (x12 prs), so total est cat $7200. Amazing specialist multiple showing the printing format.AVAILABLE at A$1200