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1d Red Dies I, II & IIA, plus Die I perf large OS, Die IIA perf small OS & 2d grey perf large OS. F-VF MUH. SG 2, 2d/e, )2, )17e, O3. ACSC 2, 3, 4, 2ba, 4ba, 5bb cat $780. (6)SOLD at A$275

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Austria: 1860-1966 ex dealer's stock inc 1850s imperf Arms (25) inc diff types, papers etc, 1858-59 Franz Josef (17) inc types, 1860 embossed (2-8 of ea), 1863 Arms (27), 1867 Franz Josef coarse print (18) to 25k, fine print (43) to 25k & 50k (2), 1883 Arms (54) to 25k (2), 1890 Heads (100), 1891 (23) later Heads (130), 1908 Anniv inc 5k MUH, then strong range to 1922 inc Musicians & Air sets, 1934 Regions set M, plus 35U, 1935 Airs to 5/- both M&U, to 1960 inc 1950 Birds with 3S (2U), 5S (3U), 10S (6U) etc. Postmark interest early. Some variable condition. Mostly F-VF U, with M/MUH later. Old Mi STC €7700 = A$12,600+, current catalogue higher, plus covers, postal stationery etc. (40). (1450). (P)SOLD at A$425

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Netherlands: 1852-1960 Collection on hagners inc 1852 imperf set (SG cat £325), 1867 Kings (£490) inc 50c (£250), 1869 Numerals set M/UN (£960), 1872 Kings M/U (£1845) inc 25c M (£1100), 1866 Numerals set M, plus extras (£150), 1891 Queens M inc 1G (£325), 1899 Numerals & Queens M (25, £770) inc 20c & 50c UN (£440), 1906 TB set M, Centenary to 25c M & 50c-5G U (£265), plus 2.50/10G FU (£170), all 1920s sets M - no 1923 Anniv, Queens to 1G M, all the Child Welfare sets M, Airmail, Rembrandt & Tourist sets, 1933 Seaman's set, 1930s-40s Welfare sets near comp, long Queen Def sets near comp, 1942 Legion M/S (2, £340), extensive 1940s-50s sets, plus some more inc long Defs sets 1969, 1976 & 1981 near comp. Almost all diff. F-VF, mostly M/MUH, some UN/U. SG cat £9000+ = A$17,000+. Valuable collection. (600+) (P)SOLD at A$750

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Kangaroos on cover 1916-1947 with 1916 (6 May) Scone NSW to Washington DC USA franked ½d Roo, 2 x KGV 1d red tied by Scone cds -addressed to C. Richmond renowned ornithologist. 1917 (12th Feb) Censor cover Sydney to Netherlands with 3d Roo tied Sydney Meter cancel with Netherlands censor tape. 1917 (20th Sept) Censor cover Ballarat Vic to Netherlands with 2½d Roo tied by Ballarat machine cancel, alongside 'Passed' censor h/s. 1919 (4 Jun) cover Adelaide to USA Museum, Washington DC, with 3d olive Die I tied by Adelaide ' War Savings' slogan cancel. 1924 (19th July) OHMS cover National Museum Melb to Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC with 3rd wmk 3d olive Die I perf OS tied by 'British Empire Exhibition' slogan cancel. Also 1947 (16th April) long envelope Melb to Batavia with 2/- Roo (3), 1/6 Hermes tied by Melb cds. Some sl mixed condition but still attractive & better than fine. ACSC cat $770. (6)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1906 opt Labuan Crown 8c black & vermilion, right marginal horiz pr, right stamp variety 'line through B'. VF fresh M. SG 17/17a cat £515+ as singles while such positional multiple should be at least +50% premium so est £770+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1860-71 Collection inc 1860 QV 2½d. 1865-67 Crown V 3d. 1868-71 Crown V 10c & $1, perf 12½. 1868-71 Crown V 2c, 5c M & U (U with RPSL photo cert), 25c & 50c. All diff. F-VF M/1UN/2U. Unitrade cat C$5300+. SG cat £4000 = A$7700. Attractive group of scarce stamps. (9). (P)SOLD at A$1300