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9d Violet Die IIB Ash imprint pr, plate 4. F-VF fresh MLH. SG 39b(var) cat £130 as singles. ACSC 27(4)zf cat $1250. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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KGV 1d red, purple, green Specialist collection in older-style loose leaf album with 1d red (136) inc left plate flaws (11), Die II (5) inc Die I-II pr with 'extra frame lines', 'Penavy' (2), 'thin G', 'saddle on emu' (2) & 'substituted clich?' Die II, ACSC cat $555. Right plate flaws (29) inc 'dot before 1' (wmk inv cat $60), 'N-Y joined' ($500), 'RA joined' rough paper ($75) & 26 others (cat $780). Also odd inv wmk & range of 'fly speck' plating flaws. 1d red Die III (3) inc wmk inv (cat $150). 1d violet (29) inc ACSC listed varieties (15, cat $600). 1d green single wmk (66) inc ACSC listed flaws (22, cat $770). SM wmk perf 14 (40) inc ACSC listed flaws (12, cat $320) with 'steel substitutions' (Pos IV/34-35) sighted (cat $120). Perf 13½x12½ (20) with ACSC listed flaws (13, $325). CofA wmk (94) with ACSC listed flaws (22, cat $660). Some minor toning o/w generally fresh & clean. An old-time collection with plenty of ACSC unlisted constant plating flaws. Total. cat val $4850. (390) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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New Guinea: 1897-99 opt Eagle 25pf yellow-orange sheet of 100 with gutter, all margins with all 4 opt varieties, & Reichpost damaged 'I' variety (2). VF CTO 'Stephansort 30/9 01' cds. SG 5 cat £8000++ as U singles. Mi 5a, 5aZS, 5a II, 5aX/XI/XII & XIII cat €7700+ for U singles or would cat €13,000+ MUH inc gutters, plus premium for full sheet. Spectacular specialist item of significant rarity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200