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1d Violet Variety Collection with Plate 3 (12) with UL cnr blk of 4 with varieties 'cvrs in left frame' (pos V/1,7) MUH. ACSC 76(3)d,e cat $160, upper marginal pr with 'cut in left frame' (pos V/1), ACSC 76(3)d $80, LL cnr blk of 4 with 'white scratch behind Kangaroo (pos V/49). ACSC 76(3)j cat $120, plus two 'dot before 1' singles (cat $120). Plate 4(16) with lower marginal part imprint blk of 4 (VII/53,54/59,60) with Ferns & RA joined varieties (ACSC 76(4) ia, j cat $90). blk of 6 MUH (pos VIII/52-54/58-60, with 'cnr dot' & 'Run N' varieties ACSC 76(4)s,vb cat $200 UR cnr blk of 4 with Run N retouch & cnr dot flaws ($160), plus marginal singles (2) with 'Roos tongue out' & 'Run N' flaws ($120). Also 2 deeper violet shade blks of 4 M/MUH (ACSC 76A cat $120). Mixed M/MUH. Total ACSC $1150, plus premium for positional multiples. (36).SOLD at A$275