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Switzerland & Liechtenstein: ex dealer's stock in binder 1851-19 with Switzerland (850+) inc 1855-62 Helvetia 5r (2), 10r (4), 15r, 20r, 40r, 1862-78 (40) inc 1Fr gold, 15c yellow, 30c blue, 40c grey & 50c purple all U, 1881 granite paper inc 25c, 50c & 1Fr all U, Standing Helvetia (7M, 100U), then range to 1930s inc Postage Dues, & some 1950s-60s on pages. Also early Postal Stationery (16) & other covers (10), plus Liechtenstein 1917-30s (120) - some later, inc 1930 Air set UN & 1935 Arms 5Fr top value VFU with RPSL photo cert. Some earlies mixed condition but mostly G-VF M/U. Old Mi total STC €8375 = A$13600, current catalogue sure to be higher. (970+, 26 covers etc). (P)SOLD at A$600

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1960-66 Def Flower 2½d vert pr error yellow-brown shifted up so visible in margins. VF fresh MUH. SG 784b(var) cat £325, CP 04aZ cat $500 -both for single missing yellow-brown, normal to compare (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$50