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World Collection in 48 albums with 1890s Schaubek 'Victoria' album with Europe inc 1850s German States, Asia inc India Revenues, British Empire & North/South America. Then Australia in 5 vols inc States (320) inc NSW 1850s Imperfs & Qld QV Revenues to £1 green. Australia (100s) inc Kangaroos 1d (170) & 9d (50), KGV (190) to 5d, Decimals CTO Melbourne GPO (400) & Territories (many 100s) with AAT, Christmas Is & Cocos high val Pics & Commems (est cat val $1500). Egypt in 12 albums with solid pre WWI collection (180) inc blue album inc 1866 opts (5) & 1867 Pyramid to 5Pi brown (cat £400). 1940s-50s MUH blks in black binder, 1920s-80s duplicates (1000s) in 7 large s/books (vendor cat £9200 = A$16,000). FDC collection (200) in final album. Far East Asia collections inc China, Japan, Malaysia & Singapore. British Commonwealth mainly Caribbean Area & Pacific Islands inc useful PNG. Europe with Czechoslovakia, France inc Airmails to 1000Fr, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands & 2 vol Swiss collection inc 1930s-80s Charity sets & singles. Middle East with Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan & Bahrain/Kuwait collection. Scandinavia with Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden in individual volumes. Thematic accumulation in 5 vols with no particular order. Plus collection remainders on big pile of loose leaves. All in 4 cartons. Conservative reserve. Viewing recommended! (tens of 1000s)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1978 Aviators 72c M/Sheet Postal FORGERY (made in Netherlands). VF fresh MUH, plus normal to compare. SG MS662(var). ACSC 794cd cat $100+ in 2002. Very scarce. (2).SOLD at A$75

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1915 'GRI 3d' opt Manus (Deutsch Neuguinea). Sans Serif registration label No 794. VF fresh MLH. Mi 16fI, SG 39 cat £325.AVAILABLE at A$250