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Miniature Sheet Collection in 50 hagners, mostly British Commonwealth inc Hong Kong (15) to $10 inc Chinese New Year types, Norfolk Is (22) inc 1974 UPU. PNG (11) inc high values, Nauru (6) inc 1974 UPU, NZ 1969 Cook on FDC. Solomon Islands (20) inc scarcer 1990s types. Plus many more. Nearly all diff mostly fresh MUH. Solid FV. (132)SOLD at A$100

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1994 Lifesaving (4), Thinking of You (7), Zoos (2) & Christmas (5) all with various Security/barcode tabs, appear all diff by tab type or printing. Mostly VF MUH. FV $98 alone. SG SB 83-7(var). Pf B175-9 cat $810. Rare group. (18).SOLD at A$130

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Austria & Territories 1850-1937 impressive collection in springback binder inc 1850 1K yellow, 2K black, 1858 to 15u with a mix of type I & II, 1867 to 25Kr G/FU, 1874-80 to 50Kr U, 1883 perf 9½ inc 5K red, 20K grey, 50K purple M, 1890 to 2G, 1896 2G, 1899 to 4K green U, 1908 60th Coronation Anniv U, 1922 Defs set of 38 & set of 11, 1922 Musicians, 1923 Charity, 1930 Anti TB, 1932 Painters set, 1934 Welfare set. Back of book inc Newspaper 1851 (0.6K) blue. 1861 1K lilac, 1K grey U, 1908 to 20h brown (7). Austrian PO in Turkey inc 1867 to 50s perf 10½, 25s, 50s M, 1883 2s U, others to 50s U, 1888 Surch set U, 1890 to 20Pi/20G G/FU, 1890 to 10Pi M, 1901 varnish type inc 20p/10h U. PO in Crete 1903-4 with varnish to 4Fr M, 1Fr U, 1904-5 with varnish to 50c, 1905 w/o varnish inc 5c (2), 1908 Anniv set M & set U. Danube Steam Navigation 1866 10c type 1 & others. A genuine, attractive collection, generally F-VF. SG cat £8100 = A$16,000+. (500+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Indochina PO Yunnanfou: 1908 opt Cambodian 2Fr black & green, LR cnr marginal horiz strip of 3, centre stamp opt error 'Yunannfou' for 'Yunnanfou'. Superb fresh M, reinforced perfs. SG 47/47a cat £2096++, Maury 47/47a cat €3810++ for pr, plus big premium for cnr multiple. Only 30 printed & very few recorded, mostly singles. Quite possibly unique as a cnr positional strip. Exp Champion, Calves, Scheller, plus 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1944 Admiral de Tourville 4F+6F brown Epreuve de Luxe Proofs. VF fresh UN as made. SG 810(p), Yv 600EdL.AVAILABLE at A$50

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France: Postal Stationery 1870s-1960s Mint collection in 2 albums appears basically near comp inc Postcards (144) inc formula types (8) - 1 with Ceres 15c affixed (Mi cat €400 for stamp alone), lots of double reply cards inc 1879 15+15c on green stock (€200), 1901 10+10c red (€70), 1920 20+20c brown (€85), 1925 Pasteur 60+60c (€200), 1926 Sower 30+30c (€120) & 1928 90+90c (€120), 1932 'Peace' 40+40c 1940 'Iris' 80+80c (€1600), 1942 Petain 80+80c white stock (€100), & Official 1.20+1.20 (€450). Single cards inc range of 1st types on diff colour stock & double replies, 1924 Olympics (€120), 1928 Berthelot (€225), 1932 'Peace' 90c (€125), 1935 View cards (13, €234), 1936 Views (12, €540), 1936-39 Commem cards (7, €150), 1940 Iris 90c Commercial on pink (€100), 1941-42 Petain 80c red on green (2) inc boxed opt (€195), 1940 Exhib types with pictures on reverse etc. Postcards alone Mi cat €4400, plus the 8 formula types. Then Lettercards (40, €1200), 1905 'Tax Reduite' types, Sower 25c opt 'ANNULE', 1938 65c Views (9, €270) inc 2 original packets Envelopes (64) inc P&C types (11), 1905 opts (17), Sower 5c opt 'ANNULE', 1926 Sower 30c blue (€120). Wrappers (22) inc 1939 Sower 20c & 30c (€295), Pneumatic types (9), 1939 Official 2Fr+2Fr double reply Lettersheet (€225) & even an 1810 Balloon Postcard fresh UN. Plus various stampless items (50) inc Official, Parcel Cards, Customs, Military, POW, Red Cross, Telegrams, Avis de Reception etc. Plus about 50 modern not catalogued. Virtually all diff, duplication mostly diff stocks, printings etc. Mostly F-VF. Mi cat €7400++ = A$12,000+. Fantastic collection. (380).AVAILABLE at A$800

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1941 Mozart Death Anniv 6+4pf black, imperf DIE PROOF (92x78mm) with sunken surround margins on thick chalk-surfaced paper. Superb fresh UN as made, 2 small thins in margin only. Mi 810(p), SG 796(p). Extremely rare with only several printed. Fantastic music thematic. Exp Ludin BPP with cert, plus 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1941 Mozart Death Anniv 6+4pf violet, imperf DIE PROOF (83x132mm) with sunken surround margins, on wove paper. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 810PI, SG 796(p). Extremely rare with only several printed. Fantastic music thematic! 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1810 Folded Letter from General Sir Thomas Picton flighting Napoleon's Army in Portugal & later killed at Waterloo. A fine rambling letter headed 'Pinhel 24th May 1810' where Picton was one of Wellington's principal subordinates. 'You will probably see in the paper that I have made a forward move with my Division. I passed the River Coa yesterday, & marched in a direction to alarm the Enemy's Corps which is investing Cuidad Rodorico' etc & signed. To London, with s/l 'PINHEL' h/s & English 'Foreign JU 20 1810' cds. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500