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Yugoslavia: 1918-19 opt Bosnia & Herzegovina issues inc 1918 (Nov-Dec) opt 1910 Pictorial set to 10k on 2h, plus 4k on 1k, variety 'RZAVA' for 'DRZAVA' & 20h error opt INVERTED. 1918 Postage Due set to 3k, plus blks of 4, 2h-50h, error opt INVERTED & a single of 1k with opt inverted. Also 10h, 20h & 25h variety wrong alphabet & 10h with 'FRANCO' provisional h/s. 1918 War Invalids opt set, variety wrong alphabet (SG cat £140). 1918 Newspaper opt 5 on 6h, error opt DOUBLE. 1919 opt Emperor set to 10k (£100+), plus 50h U (£130). 1919 War Victims set, plus 10x scarce red-orange shade. 1919 Newspaper set 2 on 2h-2 on 20h, the 10h & 20h with 2014 Bilandzic photo-certs (£225), plus 2 on 20h blk of 4. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £700+++ as normals, plus all errors & varieties so total est A$5000+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1½d Black brown wmk INVERTED left marginal blk of 18 (6x3) with unlisted printing flaw 'missing shading lines below Emu's tail' (stamp no 4). Superb fresh MUH. SG 51w cat £810 as single hinged stamps, should be at least double, £1620 MUH. ACSC 84Aa cat $3150 as MUH singles, large position multiples hard to find! (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1994 Lifesaving (4), Thinking of You (7), Zoos (2) & Christmas (5) all with various Security/barcode tabs, appear all diff by tab type or printing. Mostly VF MUH. FV $98 alone. SG SB 83-7(var). Pf B175-9 cat $810. Rare group. (18).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Marshall Islands: 1889-1919 Collection inc Forerunner 1889-1900 Eagle 20pf pr + single on piece with 'JALUIT MARSCHALL INSELN 16 2 96' (SG cat £540+). 1897-1900 'Marschall-Inseln' opt Eagle 5pf, 10pf, 20pf U & 25pf M, unissued. 1897-1900 Marshall-Inseln opt Eagle set M (£120) & U (£190). C1920 Mourning label. 1901 Yacht set to 5Mk U, no wmk ) £1300). 1916-19 Yacht 5Mk M, wmk lozenges inc 5Mk 26x17 holes & 25x17 holes, both with BPA photo-certs. GRI opt Yacht 2d on 10pf & 2d on 20pf. 1901 Yacht 10pf vert pr on piece with Gilbert & Ellice 15 May 1912 violet cancel. 1897 Marschall-Inseln opt Eagle 10pf reply postcard, plus Marshall-Inseln opt Eagle 5pf postcard. Mostly VF M/U with variety of nice packs in the used. SG cat £4500+ = A$8100+. Nice collection. (73 + 2 postcards). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000