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1/- Blue-green. VF fresh MUH, tiniest 1mm split between perfs at base. SG 11a. ACSC 30C cat $2250. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Poland: 1915-48 Used collection in s/book. 1918 Lublin Austrian KuK Feldpost Welfare Fund set, error opt INVERTED. 1918 Lublin Austrian KuK Feldpost set to 90h (SG cat £110). 1919 South & North Poland sets to 5K & 5Mk perf & imperf. 1919 Gniezno Provisional set '5' & '10' (£600). 1921 Red Cross set to 30Mk (£130), 1925 Eagle Inflation set to 2,000,000Mk (£375). 1925 National Fund set to 50g (£320). 1934 Katowice Exhib set (£86). 1937 Romanian King Visit set of 3 M/S (£105). 1938 Warsaw Exhib M/S perf & imperf (£220). 1938 Balloon M/S (£75) etc. Then good BoB sections inc 1921 Poznan Air set 25m & 100m. Upper Silesia Arms & Miner set to 300Mk. Polish Levant 1919 opt set to 5Mk (£1200). Port Gdansk inc 1925 Eagles to 50gr. Good coverage of 1915-18 Local Posts inc Luboml, Warsaw, Sosnowice, Przedborze & Zarki 1918 Church, all 3 sets. Central Lithuania inc 1920 Arms opts to 1a. Lastly extremely strong section of 1918 Liberation local opts from a variety of towns, on Germania with Alexandrowo to 60pf. Blonie to 60pf. Brzezing to 60pf. Kalisz type I to 60pf. Grodzisk to 60pf. Kolo 20pf-60pf. Konin type I to 60pf & type II to 60pf black opt, violet opt & magenta opt. Leczyca opts to 60pf. Plonzk to 60pf. Pulisk to 60pf. Poddebice to 60pf. Sieradz to 60pf. Skierniewire to 60pf. Wlocluwek to 60pf & Zdunska Wola to 40pf. All diff. Almost all VFU. Mi cat €41,000+ = A$67,000+. No certs so reserved cheaply. Interesting lot with many rarities. (825+8M/S).AVAILABLE at A$1500

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Sweden: 1855-1911 Classic collection inc 1855-58 Arms 2Sk & 4Sk. 1856-62 Local (3o) brown. 1858-72 Arms set to 50o plus shades. 1862-72 Lion set to 20o. 1872-79 Numeral set to 1R plus shades. 1878-83 crown 1K. 1885 King 10o. 1886-91 Numeral to 1K with Posthorn on back. 1889 Surch 10o on 12o. 1891-1911 Numeral & King set to 1K. Officials 1879-98 set to 1K plus shades. 1889 Surch set. Postage Due 1874-89 to 1K. All diff inc shades. Most G-VF U, usual very mixed condition. SG cat £8250+ = A$15,900+. (82) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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4d PRINTER'S COLOUR TRIALS on thick ungummed, no wmk paper for Change of Colour from orange to violet. A set of 7 diff colours was produced by T S Harrison 31st December 1920 & with identifying capital letters handwritten on reverse with 'Brown' (B), bright-brown (C), brown-purple (D), carmine-rose (E), reddish-violet (F), pale reddish violet (H) & deep reddish purple (N). On Jan 11 1921 a further printing of another 3 distinctive colours on quality granite paper with pale violet ('serial number 018258' rev), deep bluish violet ('£' sign inverted rev), & dark bluish purple ('no C' upright rev) was produced. A couple with insignificant blemishes as often encountered on printer's proofs, mostly VF. Stunning group featuring 10 of the 11 recorded diff colours, also a unique assembly as only a total of 15 (or less) Proofs in all colours are in private hands. (5 are in the Chapman collection, now part of Australia Post Archives) Of the remaining examples 4 are offered singly in this auction with the whereabouts of the last example unknown to us). ACSC 111PP(1) B-K, cat $15,000 ea, total $150,000. Highest rarity set. A must have for any person wishing to exhibit this value & of course certificates can be obtained on request. Ex Arthur Gray coll'n. (10). (P)AVAILABLE at A$63000

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3d Blue Die IA Ash imprint blk of 4, plate 4, variety 'white flaw over IA of Australia'. Stamps VF MUH inc A/B joined pr, tiny tones in gutter only. ACSC 107(4)A/B(4)jz cat $825. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Imprint blks of 4. Comp set of 15, ½d to 1/4 with 1/4 fresh MLH/MUH inc 5d ($525), 5d/4½d, 4½d violet ($850), 4d ($375), 3d Die I ($275) & II ($825), 2d brown ($250) & another 7 from ½d to 2d/1½d. F-VF M/MUH. ACSC cat $7150. A rarely offered assembly. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2800

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1902-10 KEVII £1 dull blue-green DLR printing. GU, 'London OC 17 02' cds. SG 266 cat £825. (P)SOLD at A$140

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1800-36 Folded letters with 1800 to Scotland with s/l 'CK ON SUIR', 1821 to Kilkenny with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Limerick 94', 1827 to Castlecoomer with s/l 'Bathkeale 108', 1830 with 'Ln Bridge 45' s/l, 1832 to Castlecomer with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Kilkenny FE 28 1832' 2 arc cds & 1836 To Castlecomer with s/l 'Rathkeale' in black & 2 arc cds of 'Limerick AP 15 1836', 'Clonmel AP 16' & 'Carlow AP 17' these all in black, others all in red, 1837 wrapper with 'Rathdrum 29', 1837 letter to Scotland with Sligo & Enniskillen cds, 'Too Late' h/s & 'Add 1½' h/s, plus 1842 & '44 Limerick to Wick -both with boxed 'Wick' b/s. Also 2 pieces with 1812 'CK ON SUIK 78' 2-line cancel, & 'Kinsale 146' with Waterford JA 11 1825 cds -all in red. All SG pmk cat £30+ for ea pmk on cover. (10 + 2 pieces)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1915-16 opt KGV ½d green single wmk electro 4 group of 3 formes of 30 from the 4th opt setting, 3rd state, with 'stop after S of Islands' (pos 12), 'virtually invisible', or black smudges, 'large stops after W' (pos 6, 16, 20) & the 6 central abc strips. ACSC listed varieties inc 'spot after 2' (4L2), 'retouched shading behind kangaroo' (L7), 'white flaw below TR of Australia' (L8), 'retouched LL cnr' (L26), 'retouched shading behind kangaroo' (L28), 'flaw on king's ear' (L35), 'notch in lower frame below FP' (L43), 'flaw in right side of crown' (L56), 'white flaw over E of Postage' (L60), 'white smudge in LVT' (R11) & 'notch in kangaroo's tail' (R13). SG 65(var). ACSC cat $825 as normal plate flaws. F-VF M/MUH, gum lightly tropicalised. (3 formes of 30)AVAILABLE at A$110