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2/- Brown perf large OS. F MLH. SG O11 cat £650. ACSC 35Aba cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Covers & Postal History 1835-1990s inc GB 1835 stampless letter, Poland German Occup (24) inc pictorial pmks, 'Deutsche Post Osten' opts etc, 1930s-50s Australia & World FFC & Airmail, Cocos 1969 set FDC, AAT 1st set FDC, Ceylon 1938 reg (3), Tonga Tin Can Mail (2), Iran 1940 reg to Bohemia (5), post WWII Germany Allied Occup (5), Peru (2), New Caledonia (3) inc 1917 Official with 'Gouverneur' cachet, 1928 Reg to Sydney & 1949 FFC to Paris, Japan used in Korea 1926 PPC with 'Gensan Chosen' cds to Australia from Navy ship Kirishima, Australia 1918 Infectious Disease Notices (3) -2 with KGV 1d red, Ecuador 1934 Reg to Australia. 90 with marked retail total of $3300, plus unpriced. (130)SOLD at A$700

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Germany - Berlin: Near comp collection 1948-1990 mostly fresh MUH. 1948 Berlin black opt to 2Mk MLH, 1949 Goethe set MLH, 1949 Surch set MUH, 1949-54 Building set MLH except 20pf SG B42b MUH also 1950 ERP set MUH, 1950 Orchestra sets MLH, 1951 Bell to left MUH, 1952-53 Berliners set MLH, subsequent issues mostly MUH through to 1990. Mostly VF. Attractive collection. SG cat £4400 = A$8400. (835 + 7 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Martinique: 1833 (26 Oct) folded letter from St Pierre to Bordeaux, charged '10' & showing framed 'pays d'outre mer/par Le Havre' with Havre cds alongside, on reverse s/l 'Martinique' h/s (Jamet Type 12) & arrival d/s (13.12). 1835 (6 Apr) folded letter from Fort Royal to Paris, charged '5' (deleted) & '6' showing framed 'pays d'outre mer/par le Havre' with blue arrival b/s. 1835 (27 Oct) folded letter from St Pierre to Le Havre charged '2' & showing on reverse fine s/l 'Martinique' h/s (Type 12) & arrival b/s. 1836 folded letter from St Pierre to Marseilles, charged '19' showing framed 'pays d'outre mer' with Bordeaux transit d/s alongside, & s/l 'Martinique' (Type 12) & arrival b/s. VF (4).AVAILABLE at A$325