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Italy: 1850s-1980. High catalogue collection in 2 VGC quality red springback albums inc 1862 40c rose M, 1863 to 60c inc shades, 1870 Dues to 10L, 1890 20c on 50c G/FU, 1890 Parcel Post 2c/1L25, 2c/1L75 M/UN, 1930 Virgil to 5L M/MLH & to 1L25 FU, other 1930s Commems, part sets U, 1945 Pics in 30L blue vert pr UN, 1945 Express Letter 50L M, 1945 Dues to 20L, 1948 Cent of Revolution set & 35L Express M/MLH, 1948 Cent of Revolution U, 1949 Biennial set M/MLH, 1949 50L UPU marginal MUH, 1949 Volta Anniv set M/MLH & to 50L FU, 1950 UNESCO, Holy Year, Radio Conf, Tobacco Conf, 1950 Pic sets M/MLH, 1951 Gymnastics, Montecassino, Milan, Verdi sets M/MLH, 1953 Def sets M/MLH, various later sets & singles to 1980s cat £9250. Also some Back of Book, Revenues, Cinderellas etc. Also inc Italian States inc Papal States 1867 10c UN 40c GU, 1868 3c M, Romagna 1859 3b UN, Sardinia 1855 10c (2), 20c, 40c (2), plus others G/FU cat £3000. Fiume 1918-21 M/U selection cat £78, Eritrea 1893-39 inc 1893 1c, 25c G/FU, 1927 Volta 20c FU, 1927 Parcel Post inc 1L pr, 10c, 10L singles G/FU, 1933 Pics to 10L G/FU, 1939 10c Concessional & others cat £525. Italian East Africa inc 1938 to 1L25 M cat £40+. A strong collection mostly F-VF M/U neatly presented, fresh & clean. Total SG cat £12,900 = A$24,000. (1900)
USA: 1842-60s Local Posts Collection inc 1844 Letter Express. 1860 Floyd's Penny Post range in diff colours. 1849-56 Swart's Dispatch Taylor & Washington types. 1842 Coty Dispatch Washington 3c. 1864 Westero Belts Indian Head in 2 colours. Range of 1850s-60s Boyd's Eagle 1c & 2c. Westtown 1853-67 gold (2c). 1845 Hanford's Pony Express. 1844-45 Cummings 2c. Also selection of Carrier issues inc Govt City Dispatch, Steinmeyer's City Post, Honours, Martins' & Brown & McGills. Also Tierra Del Fuego (Argentina) 10c blk of 12. This was issued to Carry mail from the Islands gold mine to the mainland. Mostly F-VF M/UN. The USA locals are all assumed to be reprint or forgeries. Sc would cat US$60,000 for originals, Tierra blk SG cat £300. Very interesting lot. (143).
1985 Railways 5zl, 3 normal examples, plus 1 with brown & green OMITTED, so missing the railway tracks & wheels as well as the background, tied by 'Leszno BB 9.9.86' cds on local commercial registered cover, with 'Leszno 10.9.86' cds arrival. VFU. Mi 2993(F), Fi 2845(s), error unlisted! Only recorded example & believed UNIQUE! 2005 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)
1845 New York Postmasters Provisional 5c brown, Washington head only, imperf essay, die on India paper. VF UN as made, 4 large margins. SG 65(p), Sc 9XI-EI cat US$450 (normal cat US$1500). (P)