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Norway: Bypost Local Post collection 1865-1900 with good coverage inc Aalesund 1880 Fish 3o (5 colours). 1884 Monogram set perf & imperf. Arendal 1885 Ship set to 10o plus 1885 New Colours set to 10c. 1886 Newspaper Stamp. Bergen 1865 Arms 2Sk. 1869 Numeral 2K imperf & rouletted. Christiana 1890s Dog set 10o& 20o. Christianasund 1878 Typeset 10o. 1879 Andersen set to 10o. Drammen 1869-88 various issues inc 1869 Arms Is, 1875 '2B' blue, 1888 Typeset tete-beche 5o pr. 1887 Erickson Post to 10o. Horsens 1882 Anchor 5o. Grimstad 1887 Ship set to 10o. Hammerfest 1888 View set to 10o plus Surch. Holmestrand 1888 Typeset 3o, 5o & 10o imperf plus 3o perf. 1888 View set Kragero, 1886 Island set. Levanger 1888 Pic set. Mandal 1886 Tree set, Namsos 1888 Fish set plus Surch. Spitzbergen 1896-98 Polar Bears 5o, 10o & 20o. Stenkjaer 1888 Bear set. Tonsberg 1884-85 Arms to 10o perf & imperf. Tromso 1881-96 Reindeer selection to 25o. Trondheim 1865-67 monogram various types. 1860s-80s Numeral types. 1897 Pic set to 20o. Vadso 1893 Reindeer & Sled set. Vardo 1893 Ship set. Mostly G-VF M/U, 90%+ bring M. Impressive collection with many rare stamps. (183) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000
South & Central American collection 1840s-late 1990s in 130+ Vario pgs (retail $200) in 2 large binders with Bolivia 1895-1987 inc 1895 to 100c (2) U, other earlies, then some later Commems M/U cat £220, plus Revenues & Fiscals. Brazil 1845-2000 inc 1845 60R Bullseye (2) FU, other earlier Portraits, Defs, post-war Commems & singles MLH/FU, through to more recent, mostly MUH (SG cat £540), plus more Revenues & Fiscals & the 130pgs. Trinidad & Tobago (260) QV era onwards inc 1953 QEII Defs to $4.80 MUH (total £100+). Costa Rica 1909-70s M/U with extras (£77), Cuba 1877-1988 M/U sets, singles (£210), Paraguay 1900-1970s sets, part sets M/U (£180+). A good range with extras & quantity. M/MUH/G-FU cat £1300+. (2000+)SOLD at A$250

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Locals: Leeds Marshall Bros ca1845 2d blue on black, horse & carriage, with control no F7643. Superb fresh U, blue crayon cancel. RL unlisted. Extremely rare & impressive stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1945-81 Postal History inc 1845 folded letter franked QV 1d brown imperf tied by barred diamond 62 pmk, to London with 2-line 'Newtownbreda RH' in grey-green (SG cat £50+) with 'Belfast AU 7 1845' blue h/s. 1848 Folded wrapper franked QV 1d brown imperf with barred diamond 445 pmk & 'Waterford AU 19 1848' 2-arc blue cds -to London. 1850 Folded letter franked QV 2d blue imperf to Dublin with 'Limerick JU 4 1850' 2-arc blue cds & 1855 2d to Ballinasloe. 1870 & 1878 covers franked QV 1d brown perf tied by Newry FE 12 1870 Spoon pmk, or with 'Dungannon MY 3 78' duplex pmk to Isle of Wight. Finally 1881 cover (damaged) franked QV 6d grey pl 17 (assume SG 161) tied by 'Dublin DE 29 81' duplex to Australia. Mostly F-VF. SG cat £775+. (7)SOLD at A$150

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1985 Railways 5zl, 3 normal examples, plus 1 with brown & green OMITTED, so missing the railway tracks & wheels as well as the background, tied by 'Leszno BB 9.9.86' cds on local commercial registered cover, with 'Leszno 10.9.86' cds arrival. VFU. Mi 2993(F), Fi 2845(s), error unlisted! Only recorded example & believed UNIQUE! 2005 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1845 New York Postmasters Provisional 5c black Washington, initialled ACM in magenta. Superb UN, 4 margins. Sc 9XI cat US$1500, SG 65 cat £1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$950

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1845 New York Postmasters Provisional (5c) brown, Washington head only, imperf essay, die on India paper. VF UN as made, 4 large margins. SG 65(p), Sc 9XI-EI cat US$450 (normal cat US$1500). (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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1845 New York Postmasters Provisional 5c black Washington, initialled ACM in magenta, AC connected. Superb UN, 4 margins. Sc 9XIa cat US$1750, SG 65(var) cat £1500+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$950