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1d Deep red-aniline (G17½) blk of 6 (pos 7-8/13-14/19-20) lower with varieties 'distorted ONE PENNY' (VIII/13) & 'thin ONE PENNY' (VIII/14) se-tenant. VF M/MLH. ACSC 71H94)kl cat $320. 2020 Drury photo cert.SOLD at A$150

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USA: Classic collection 1846-67 in binder, starting with 1846 Rhode Island 5c black Postmaster Provisional, 1898 Reprint 1851 Eagle Carrier 1c. 1847 Franklin 5c (3 shades, the brown-orange with cert) & Washington 10c, plus 5c proofs (2 diff) & 10c. 1851-57 Franklin 1c (2M & 2U - 1 with cert), plus U pr. Washington 3c (2M & 2U), plus M pr with cert. 10c Washington 2 singles & 2 used prs inc types. 12c black 1857-61 Portrait series inc 1c type 1-5 inc pr 3c M&U range inc type 1 - 1U with type III blk of 6 M. 5c Jefferson types & shades inc type I pr with cert. 10c Washington types I-V, plus imperf Proof. 12c Washington pr. 24c grey-lilac M&U. 30c Franklin & 90c Washington (both M). 1861-62 Portraits to 90c inc 5c buff, with cert, 5c yellow brown & 5c olive-yellow, 10c M, 12c M, 24c red-lilac, with cert, 24c steel-blue M&U, 24c violet, with cert, 30c M, plus imperf Proof & 90c M & 2U (inc shade), plus proof. 1862-66 Black Jack 2c inc M pr, 5c inc shades & Proof, 15c Lincoln, plus proof & Washington 24c inc shades. 1862-66 to 15c all with E-Grill inc 1c, 2c, 3c, plus strip of 3, 10c strip of 3, 12c & 15c (with cert). 1862-66 F-Grill selection inc 1c, 2c pr, 5c, 12c, 15c, 24c (with cert), 30c & 90c. Mostly G-VF M/U, some mixed condition as expected. Sc cat US$70,000+, SG cat £78,000+ = A$140,000+. Very valuable collection. (134). (P)SOLD at A$10500