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2/- Maroon. F-VF MUH. SG 110. ACSC 39A cat $750. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1841-1940s World collections/accumulations in 11 s/books & binders. GB 1841 1d red imperf selection inc pmks. 1854-57 QV 1d red, Stars range inc perfs & wmks. 1858-64 QV 2d blue, plate selection. 1864-79 QV 1d red selection of plates plus plenty on piece with pmks. Russia 1940s-70s range of Commems & Defs. Greece 1861-1910 collection inc 1862-77 large Hermes Heads to 80L. 1886-88 small Hermes to 1d imperf. 1896 Olympics to 40L. Germany ranges from 1880s inc Inflation period & Third Reich plus selection of DDR Berlin & Allied Occupations. Austria from 1850s inc useful 1940s-70s Commems MUH. Switzerland from 1854 Shrubelli imperfs inc 1882-1907 Standing Helvetia to 3Fr. Belgium from 1849 medallion issues inc 1861 perf to 40L. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £9500+ = A$17,000+. (7000+)SOLD at A$700

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Belgium, Netherlands & Area: 1849-1915 collection on old pgs. Belgium 1849 Epaulettes 20c. 1841-61 Medallion to 40c imperf & 1863 to 40c, perf. 1865 King to 1Fr. 1866 Lion Arms to 5c. 1893 King & Arms set to 25Fr with tabs & 1905 to 2Fr with tabs, 1912 King Albert to 5Fr, with tabs. Netherlands 1852 King set to 15c imperf & 1864 to 15c, perf. 1867 King set to 50c. 1869 Arms set to 2½c. 1872 King to 1G. 1891 Princess to 1G. 1899 Queen to 5G. 1906 Anti TB set. 1910 Centenary to 2½G. Netherlands Indies 1872 King to 50c. 1899 Surch set to 2.50G. 1902-05 Queen to 2½G. Surinam 1902-04 Queen & Numeral to 50c. Luxembourg 1852 Grand Duke 10c & 1Sgr (2 shades). 1859 Arms to 25c. 1891 Grand Duke to 5Fr & 1906 to 2½Fr. 1914 Grand Duchess set to 5Fr. Belgian Congo 1900 Pic to 1Fr. All diff. Mostly G-VF U. SG cat £4800+ = A$8700+. (336)SOLD at A$375

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Europe Ex Dealer's stock M&U on hagners in 10 binders inc Belgium 1849-1970s inc 1849 20c U 3+ margins, 1861 1c, 1863 Perf selection inc Perf 12½ 1c, Perf 14½ 40c (3), GU (cat £600+) various later issues France 1870 to late 1990s inc 1870 5c UN (flts), 1929 20Fr Pics GU, 1930s issues G/FU, 1949 1000Fr Air G/FU cat £700+ also some French Cols New Caledonia Fr Polynesia etc, smaller selection. Also Denmark 1970s-2000, Czech 1919-1980 Italy 1940s-90s cat £60+ Switzerland 1881-2000 1900 UPU set plus extras G/FU. 1914 3Fr green (3) & others cat £400, Ireland 1960s-1990s sets G/FU, France 1918-22 inc 1918 Dues 10F M 30F used on piece, 1920 Surch 5c, 10c SG 14-49 M, various other part sets etc cat £430, Faroe Is 1970s-80s sets MUH + FU retail $300, Dodecanese Is 1912 opts set M cat £135. Various others. A useful range F/VF. (carton 3500+)SOLD at A$375

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German States - Bavaria: 1849-1920 collection inc 1849-62 Numeral to 18Kr, plus shades. 1867-69 Arms to 18Kr imperf & 1870-75 to 18Kr, perf. 1875-1911 Arms to 2Mk inc wmks & shades. 1911 Prince to 5Mk. 1914-20 King to 20Mk, plus imperfs. 1919 Volkstaat opt to 20Mk perf & imperf. 1920 Freistaat opt to 5Mk. 1914-18 WWI King 10pf British War forgery. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation & mixed earlies. SG cat £4500+ = A$8000+. (1000)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Germany: 1849-1990s collection/accumulation in thick s/book with States inc Baden 1851-58 Numeral to 9Kr, plus shades. 1860-62 Arms to 9Kr. 1862 Postage Due to 12Kr. Bavaria 1849-63 Numerals to 9Kr. 1870-73 Arms to 18Kr. 1919 & 20 Volkstadt & Freistaat opt sets. 1862 Postage Due 3Kr & 1870 set 1Kr & 3Kr. Bergedorf 1861 Arms to 4S. Brunswick 1852-64 Arms to 2Sgr. Bremen 1856-63 Arms 5gr & 7gr, imperf & 1866-67, perf to 5Sgr. Oldenburg 1852 Numerals to 1/15th. Saxony 1850 Numeral 3pf (with cert stating it is a forgery). 1856-63 King to 10ngr. Thurn & Taxis Numerals 1852-67 with both North & South Districts. North German Confed 1868-70 range to 18Kr. Germany 1872-74 Eagles to 18Kr inc small & large Shields 1899-1900 Reichspost to 3Mk. Useful inflation period. Third Reich inc 1934 Air set to 3Mk. Also some Colonies & 1920s Plebiscites. Later inc West Germany, Berlin & DDR range. Mostly G-VF U, some mixed condition as expected. SG cat £15,000+ = A$28,000+ not counting identified forgeries. Interesting lot for further sorting. (3100+)SOLD at A$900

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1846 folded letter wrapper from Maitland to Wilberforce near Windsor rated 11d with Maitland, Sydney GPO & Windsor date stamps on reverse. 1849 folded letter from Maitland to Sydney rated 4d with departure & arrival b/s. 1850 folded letter wrapper to Wilberforce with 'TOO LATE' cachet & Sydney Crown over 'Paid OC 2 1850' cds on front & Windsor arrival b/s. Generally F-VF. (3)SOLD at A$180