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2d Deep grey perf large OS. F-VF MUH. SG O3. ACSC 5Bbb cat $300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$90

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Great Britain London Philatelist (R P Soc) Jan 1969 - Oct 1973, near comp (50). Then Jan 1983 - Feb 1996 (14) & April 1998 - May 2001 (25). Used VG-near new. (89)AVAILABLE at A$30
1998-2001 MUH/FDC Collection in 6 volumes with MUH FV $370 inc booklets, gutter blks & M/Sheets, FDC (150, FV $3200, plus Army PNC & maximum cards (200) with CTO vals to $20 Uluru. Fresh & clean. All in massive carton.SOLD at A$425

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AAT: 1957-1998 Base Cancel Collection (200+) with 1957 2/- Map (5) with Davis, Macquarie Island or Mawson cachets. 1967 Pics on 3 envelopes with 2 diff pmks & set (ex 2c) on individual covers to $1, 1971 Treaty set of 4 bases (2), 1972 Cook set of 4 Bases (2) inc blks of 4 on individual envelopes. Plus 1973 Food Chain set of 4 Bases (these retail $700). 1979 Flight blks of 4, Ships I & Ships III blks of 4 on individual envelopes plus, 1984 Mawson 27c also in blks of 4 from all 4 Bases. 1987 Scenes series III & 1989 Landscapes blks of 4 from all 4 Bases plus individual sets. Plus 1994 Huskies & 1998 Transport Base covers. Also FDC scattered throughout. Mostly fresh & clean. Good collection well worth expanding or would break up well. (265)SOLD at A$300
Covers: 1948-2000 FDC Collection in 3 binders & 100 hagners with 1948-65 pre-decimals (35) & decimals (530) inc Christmas comp 1966-2000, 1970s inc Paintings to $10 1980s Pics/Commems to $20 Gardens & 1990s array (FV $440) to Christmas 2000 inc 1994 Family & 1995 Dunlop PNC. Then Commem pmks or Pictorial envelopes (50) inc 1974 Flinders set of 6 & Sydney Philatelic Sales Centre Pictorials (16) with a variety of Commem pmks & AAT base Cancels (98) inc 1973 Food Chain set with Macquarie Is cds. 1981-82 Ships set of 4 Bases & other 4 base sets to 1998 Transport. Plus Cocos Is FDC (100) 1979-2000. (700+)AVAILABLE at A$250
Carton lot with 6 vol 1981 Royal Wedding & Diana 21st Birthday collection with sets, gutter blks (new issue cost $500 & still hard to find) & FDC. 1984 AUSIPEX collection in Official album inc limited edition 'Commemorative Album Souvenir Sheet' opt & extra FDC. Aust Post 2000 Olympic Games prestige album. Germany 2006 FIFA collection in custom album. PNG collection to 1998 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $ 350) inc 1952 Defs to £1 Fisherman, 1963 Pics to £1 QEII, 1964 Birds, 1966 Butterflies & most other decimals Pic/Commem sets & M/sheets with most sets VF MUH. GB FDC collection 1975-83 in album & shoebox, plus 1983 Aust Post America's Cup gift box. 2 medium/large cartons.AVAILABLE at A$350

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Europe 1916-80s collection in 100 varios with Burma 1937 to late 1990s sets/part set inc 1998 Musical instruments to 100K M/U, cat £200+. Finland 1866-1990 inc 1866 20P blue GU, other sets inc Red Cross sets from 1935 & post-war sets/part sets, mostly MLH cat £440+. Poland 1916-80s inc 1916 legion set M. Przedborz Locals 1918 two diff sets & extras cat €100+. Polish Gdansk/Danzig issues. Some pre-war & post-war issues extensive mostly MLH/MUH with extras SG cat £550+. Plus Burma 1937 to late 1990s sets/part set inc 1998 Musical instruments to 100K M/U cat £200+. Various others mostly F-VF U, cat £1200+ = A$2400. (1500+)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1998 Natstamp opt $4.50 Champagne Roses booklet. VF MUH. Pf 215(1).AVAILABLE at A$5

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Somalia: 1941 Mogadisciu 'British Occupation' opts on Italian East Africa Pictorials set 10c/5c-10L/5L. (These opts on Italian postage stamps, & also on revenue stamps, were prepared on orders of the South African forces that had captured the region. But due to objections from London were never issued & most of the stock was destroyed). VF fresh MUH. Unlisted in SG but fully listed in Italian catalogues & Michel & mentioned in Robson Lowe Encyclopedia. Sass 1-9 cat €5500+ & underpriced as it is a very rare set, especially in MUH condition. 1998 Raybaudi & 2017 Ceremuga photo-certs. (9) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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1897 QV Jubilee $4 violet. Superb U, right marginal, violet pmk. SG 139 cat £700+, Unitrade 64 cat C$1600+. Very scarce so nice. 1998 RPSL photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1998 Endangered Species 20p IMPERF horiz pr from left margin. Superb fresh MUH. SG 2015(var). Only 150 prs recorded. (P)SOLD at A$130

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1998 Lighthouses 63p, LR cnr imprint blk of 4, error perfs shifted left 7mm resulting in QEII head & value at left instead of right & also with QEII head & value twice in right margin! VF fresh MUH. SG 2038(var). Only 1 sheet recorded so would only be 10 of the extra value in margin & unique partial multiple. (P)SOLD at A$450

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1998 Lighthouses 63p error perfs shifted left 7mm resulting in QEII head & value at left instead of right, & also QEII head & value in right margin. VF fresh MUH. SG 2038(var). Only 1 sheet recorded so would only be 10 of the extra value in margin. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1998 Blue Swallow R2, right marginal horiz pr, error IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. SG 1027(var). (P)AVAILABLE at A$90

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1998 Frama imperf Proof se-tenant un-cut strip of the set of 9. VF fresh MUH. SG mention of normal under Machine Labels, SACC 1147-1155(p). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1895 (Nov) Type-written 'UG 10' in violet, narrow letters, narrow setting. VF UN as issued, usual sl crease. SG 36 cat £650. Rare genuine. 1998 APS & 2019 Ceremuga photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1861 Washington 90c blue, first design 'Premiere Gravure' on semi- transparent stamp paper, imperf proof which has been privately perforated to look like the issued stamp. Superb UN as made. Sc 62 would cat US$50,000 (see description under 72-E7h), while even as imperf proof Sc 62a cat US$2750+ (Sc 72-E7g). SG 59 cat £50,000. Extremely rare in any condition. 1998 PF/NY photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300