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Egyptian. Original 30th dynasty (380-343BC). Ushabti figure, light blue faience 145mm. Hieroglyphs to body, bearded pharaonic (male) figure holding flail & crook. with arms crossed across chest. Originating from group of figures whose original ancient owner is believed to have been Hor-Ankh. (The Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt (notated Dynasty XXX, alternatively 30th Dynasty or Dynasty 30) is usually classified as the fifth Dynasty of the Late Period of ancient Egypt. It was founded after the overthrow of Nepherites II in 380 BC by Nectanebo I, and was disestablished upon the invasion of Egypt by the Achaemenid king Artaxerxes III in 343 BC. This is the final native dynasty of ancient Egypt; after the deposition of Nectanebo II, Egypt fell under foreign domination). VGC. A superior quality, highly attractive & impressive example of pharaonic art. (1) AVAILABLE at A$1300